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Ron F.

I have known John Bagwell for the last 10 years. I have had the pleasure to meet personally with John Bagwell, and learn from the Master himself. John has been great on the service side; he is always available to answer my questions concerning annuity marketing and return my calls promptly. Because of John, I made over $70,000 in one day and continually move over a million dollars each month! Thank you, John.

Robert J.

I just want to say thanks to you (John Bagwell) for the annuity marketing products you have designed. They have changed my life in a great way. In the past I have made as much as $150,000 annually with your products! Rarely have I come across a guy who delivers what he promises 100% of the time. You are always reachable by phone, anytime. Have a prosperous year!

Bill K.

I have done business with John Bagwell for almost ten years. John has provided me with annuity marketing products that continue to work far ahead of anything available at the time we implemented them. John is, in my opinion, a genius.

Andre S.

Since I have used John’s Bagwell’s ideas and annuity marketing programs, my income has risen substantially. I whole heartedly endorse John’s programs and recommend that anyone considering effective marketing use his system. The results will be dramatic. John’s programs will set you apart in a very effective way.

Alisa K.

John’s Bagwell’s service, expertise, innovative annuity marketing ideas and constant training have helped my business grow year after year. I was fortunate to have met him when I was just starting my business and owe a great deal of my success to him.

John C.

I met JohnBagwell  in 2005 and immediately realized he was unique. He is a brilliant pioneer in annuity marketing who will pave the way for anyone who wants to make money and be successful. It appears that the days of “live” customer support are behind us–unless, of course, you are dealing with John. John’s true desire to help those who have purchased his products is nothing shy of amazing. I recall when I left a message for John late Friday or early Saturday morning, and he called me back asking what he could do to help. I watched my income grow with John, and I am working a lot smarter than harder. Of course, what you put in is what you get out. I am grateful to John for his genius and support.

Thanks to Pythagoras, I moved $193,000 today for a conservative client. He is only 52 and told me that he cannot afford another lost decade. I used a very conservative return, and he and his wife agreed immediately to move their retirement funds. Once again, thanks John.

Russell L.

I’ve known John Bagwell for over 6 years. He has the integrity, commitment and service our industry needs. With his annuity marketing program, I’ve found a track that I can run on and be successful.

Mila M.

I’ve been using John Bagwell’s programs for 7 years. He is very unique. He is a man of integrity and will help you in any way he can. He will return your phone calls and answer your questions. He will give exceptional service and deliver a second-to-none annuity marketing program to you. As always, John is way ahead of the curve with his latest program. I highly recommend his program to everyone who wants to be on the cutting edge and make a lot of money.

Terri B.

Thank you (John Bagwell) for your annuity marketing program of mathematically sound money management. I talked to a client recently who would have lost half of their portfolio value if I left their money in their old securities positions. Fortunately, they took my advice 10 years ago and placed their money in one of your income-recovery solutions. Today, they are enjoying the outcome of doubling their principal. According to my calculations, that represents a four-fold increase over what they would have had if they left their money in their old securities positions. Thanks to you, John. Your solutions have raised the bar once again.

Gary W.

John Bagwell, I just wanted to let you know that last week before I went on vacation I met with two clients, and as a result of showing Pythagoras I’m placing $500,000 and another $175,000 of assets in annuities. The clients were adamant that this was not only easy to understand, but that I beat a lot of what other advisors were showing. Thanks for all the help.

Louis B.

Dear John Bagwell,

Just a quick note to thank you for your personal service. Being able to contact you directly has enabled me to write the first two solutions I presented for a total of $123,286.

Note: From John Bagwell – Louis has not done any seminars and he moved the money in the first week he had the system.

David C.

I spoke to David over the phone today. This is what he had to say, “Well, I tried your program on a prospect right after I received the system. I told her I had an annuity program that she might be interested in. I showed her the solutions and she really liked it – now I’m going to move $100,000 because of it. The income-recovery program was so easy to explain.”

Note: From John Bagwell – David is brand new to the annuity business.

Jeff H.

Dear John Bagwell,

Thanks so much or taking the time to walk me through your software program. This was my first time actually using it. This is brilliant! It is functional, simple to use and powerful. I am quite sure that this will solve the liquidity issue my client has raised in regards to the $550,000 variable annuity he wants to transfer to me. John, the system I purchased from you is going to make me a lot of money. I appreciate your efforts in helping me get the most out of this great system.

Brad W.

Called me to let me know – the income-recovery program is great! He and his brother moved $900,000 using my program in their first week.

Special Notice from John Bagwell: It looks like Brad and his brother Phil are moving 2 million next week using my income-recovery solutions.

Paul L.

I want to first express my appreciation for you (John Bagwell) actually being there when I call. I certainly did not expect the kind of service you offer me for the price at charge. Secondly, I wanted to let you know about an appointment that I just had. The day before, as I was confirming the appointment, the gentleman basically told me he’d come, but he wasn’t really interested. He’d seen everything before and was comfortable where he was. Long story short, after the appointment, he was so intrigued with the program (of course, he’d never seen anything like it before), we set another appointment. At that appointment, he’s bringing all his statements so we can put together for a solution for him. He told me he’s worth about $1,000,000. Minus his $350,000 home, that’s $650,000 to move into the solution. I’ll let you know how the appointment goes. Thanks a million – literally!

Barry F.

John Bagwell,

I have purchased every so-called “annuity selling system” on the market, but your system is in a class by itself. It is the Gold Standard. It’s the only marketing system that I’ve purchased that I felt was actually underpriced. Your program gives exceptional value on every page with eye-opening concepts. Any annuity producer that doesn’t have your system is playing the game without aces.


To John Bagwell:

Hey John, I am glad I bought your annuity selling system! I closed two fixed annuity sales for over a million dollars in two days after receiving the system. Made a cool 70k and off to a stellar year. Keep up the good work.

I am using the income-recovery solutions on all my closings. Over the years, I have used the best annuity presentation material, however none has ever added up to your annuity selling system.

Special Note from John Bagwell: I had a phone call and he said he moved his first million using the solutions program, and just wanted thank me.

Update: I got a call from Ali. He said he has moved 12 million since March using my program.

Jeff T.

Hey John,

I have seen three people since I read your manual (one last Thursday and two today), and they are practically throwing their money at me. Even though I am just getting started, the ease of explaining the concept is astounding. The clients understand and are ready to start right away. I have been all across the country (literally) looking for a system that really produces results, and this is it! Thanks for offering your annuity selling system. I can guarantee that if agents were really serious about making money in this industry, they would be using your system.

Again, thanks.

Dan R.

Hi John,

I wanted to drop you a line about your system. As you know, I was in the investment brokerage business for many years and purchased numerous selling systems, most of which were not worth the investment or time involved. But your system is clearly different. I approached just five of my former senior age customers and this week and all five invested in the program. I’m looking at around 600k in new premium being deposited or transferred and it’s all owed to your system. I firmly believe that I’ve just scratched the surface on the potential business available. I also appreciate that you make yourself available to provide assistance when needed.

Thank again.

Dick G.


You told me your annuity selling system would make me rich someday. After 32 years in the business & spending tens of thousands on every available system out there, I was a little skeptical. I am now a firm believer!! After a few hours of study I put the system to test, and I must say I am pleased beyond description. This has to be the simplest, most convincing & most powerful selling tool I have ever seen. The client understands it quickly and wants to take action immediately. The program gives the client specific directions (a road to solutions) to follow, so they never run out of money in retirement, eliminating their number one fear! So far, I have shown this to three prospects and closed all three for $40,000 in commissions. By the way, after closing one case the client asked me when she would get the income-recovery solution. She wants to show it to her daughters and demonstrate to them how she will never run out of income and will be able to pass on the principal to them. Thanks so much for providing a system that will help people enjoy their retirement in peace! This is truly the ultimate annuity selling system!


John – Did over $90,000 commission this week and will finish with the biggest year.

Mike P.

Special Note: Mike called me today to let me know he moved 1.1 million using the income-recovery program from three clients. In addition, Mike received a referral from this new business that wishes to move 300k very shortly.

Ronald D. S.

John: Your program is much more than I anticipated it to be. We had 338 people show up for our seminar 3 weeks ago. Have moved $4 million using the program so far. This morning a lady (from the seminar) gave us her statement with account values of $310,000 that she wants us to move for her.

Thank you.

Richard R.

To John Bagwell:

I thought I was taking a chance on buying your annuity selling system, thinking it may be just more of the same “old stuff” on the market. Your system has provided me with the essentials for my success. Last week, just the analysis tools enabled me finally to close a case worth $23,000 in commission. Once I am more proficient with the use of the solutions, more cases will close. I am currently revising my sales goals for the remainder of the year!

Thanks for all the help!

Jody S.

You’re Magic! Transferred 108K today. First close of the first semester. Reading the manual gave me a kind of paradigm shift in my approach to the client.


Melodee K.

Hi ya John! Hadn’t talked to you in a while…just a quick note to let you know that I sold $641,000 in annuities so far using the secondary marketing system.

Here’s to you!

Andy W.


I just did my first deal based on the solutions in your program. I moved 240,000 from CD’s into annuities and made 20K in commission. I also have many other deals in the works. Thanks so much for your program and your personal help.

Byron W.

I debated long and hard as to whether I could “afford” this system as part of my “start-up” venture in regards to the marketing of fixed annuities, but after reviewing the system, and accompanying marketing program materials, I am truly convinced this was the best investment I could have possibly made.

Lee D.

Subject: The best money I’ve spent in the 50 years.


You weren’t kidding when you said you’d work with me one-on-one, including holidays, this being Memorial Day.

As you went through the solutions, the simplicity of it really turned the lights on for me, and I know it will do the same for my clients. It is truly incredible. You’ve done the hard work for me, leaving me to focus on moving millions into fixed annuities and becoming seriously wealthy in the process. I’m in the 12th year as a financial advisor. I have placed million in equity based products, primarily variable annuities, mutual funds, and some variable life. But this is the first in practical programs I’ve seen that helps the advisor focus on what the senior market needs, today more than anything else. Being 50 years old now, I’m positioned to be the answer to what so many of my senior prospects are looking for in a trusted advisor, providing solutions to their greatest concerns. Thanks to your annuity selling system. Now, I don’t have to “try” and reinvent the wheel, but leverage my practice in your expertise and practical wisdom. I feel honored that for the first time in my financial services career I’m on the fast track to REAL success, being mentored by someone who’s been there, done that, not just another “wanna-be” who’s full of BS. Lastly, thank you for being willing to open up your treasure chest of experiential knowledge that points others to the fastest, most direct route to above average success, to put it mildly, in the seniors arena. I’ve met VERY few who were willing, much less competent enough to do so. Life has a way of rewarding those who move in that kind of mentality and I’m certain you’ll be no exception.

Thanks again.

Harold E.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you Mr. Bagwell for developing such a great system that truly does work. It is refreshing to clients that I have talked to since I received the system. I am relatively new to the financial arena, but with your program I made my first sell for 100k with the promise of an additional 300k in the next 3 months. I have an appointment tomorrow to transfer 154k from another client. Being green behind the ear has caused me to call Mr. Bagwell numerous times and he has been more than patient and has helped me over and above my expectations.

Thanks again.

Lance V.


Thanks for answering all my questions in the last two months. I think you have a great approach to helping clients with their money, which in turn is a super profitable application for agents. I can’t say enough about your programs. After buying everything from Bill…to Jeff…to NF…, this is easily the most profitable system I’ve encountered!

Dick G.


I just had my first seminar. This was the most positive feedback I’ve received in any seminar in thirty years. Everyone wanted to set appointment and they all gave me referrals. Yesterday, I had three appointments, all-resulting in new business, which will pay the cost of the seminar six or seven times over. By the way, this is the easiest seminar I’ve ever done – it’s almost “automatic pilot”. It amazes me as to how it moves people to take action!

Many Thanks!

Perry E. S.


Your program is the best! I’ve tried them all. In the past month I’ve written one immediate annuity for $142,000 and three fixed annuities for $69,000, $71,000 and $51,000. John, your materials are great. Please keep me posted on all of your updates.

Thanks again.


Dear John,

By the way, your annuity selling system is working great! I have written $1,600,000 so far using your program. Thanks again for such a fine system.

Steve L.


Thank you so much for the system and support getting started. My first appointment has resulted in over 200k in rollovers from one family. Because I was so green, I only used one solution, but that was all it took. The clients were so disgusted with their current situation, when presented with a comprehensive new approach that they never have seen before, which they understood it immediately. They only committed their IRA’s, TSA’s and cash. They also called up their son who came over and he is rolling over his account. I cannot wait for my next appointment. For the first time in 12 years, I have conviction and confidence in my approach toward gathering assets – thank you. I am so impressed and wish I would’ve discovered this years ago, instead of picking the last five market bottoms.

Thanks again,

John M.


Excerpt from email conversation: PS – $143K, $422K, $500K, $115K, $157K – deals I have done so far with your program. Will move another $965K.

Michael J. S.

Dear John,

I couldn’t be more pleases with the response that I have received from past prospects and clients about the income-recovery solutions. So far, I’ve transferred $55,000, $149,000, and $91,000. Tomorrow, I am writing a plan for $125,000, and yesterday I met with a couple that is retiring this year and they are going to transfer $545,000 of their 501k assets to me! I met with another prospect that I have been trying to get for a year, and after explaining the solutions to her several times (very nice lady, but not very financial savvy…it finally hit her and she exclaimed, “Oh, now I get it. This is brilliant!” So far, I made about $80 to $90,000 of commission! I haven’t even implemented the marketing program yet; this is just from people that I have talked to in the last year or so. Your program gives people a reason to want annuities. The best program for marketing annuities I have ever purchased (and I have most of them)!

Sean P. M.


I just closed on a two solution presentations: One for 275K and another one for 50K. As I was getting the paper work ready for the husband, the wife downloaded the transfer forms for her thrift savings plan and filled them out. I transferred her to an annuity for 30K. Total for the: $355K.

Waver A.


I used your PowerPoint presentation today for the first time and received applause when I was done! This program is great! I will let you know the results from the appointments we see.

W. A.



I wanted to write to you and tell you about the “the ultimate compliment” that I received at my FIRST seminar last week. I spoke with a gentleman (early 70’s) who told me afterwards that he had attended a lot of financial seminars in his lifetime. He said that he NEVER given his name to anyone that spoke about annuities until he heard my presentation (from your system). That was great, but the “ultimate” part is this, he has three sons who are financial planners with “big name” companies! H does not do any financial work with them because he totally disagrees with their asset allocation, mutual fund B.S. approach!

Our appointment is this afternoon and I will let you know how money we roll out of his IRA’s. If anyone questions whether your annuity selling system works, feel free to give him or her my e-mail address. If you do the things that (John) outlines in his system, you will get leads and business. Thanks for taking the time to put this system together. It is the best I have ever seen.

Follow Up: Sam

The gentleman that gave me the “the ultimate compliment” is moving $175,000 from his current IRA’s into EIA products. I estimate his net worth to be between 2.5 to 3 million. His strategy is to move his entire portfolio into annuity products over the next 18 to 24 months in order to provide for his wife after his death. A $17,000 payday yesterday (due to your program) and the very real prospect of an additional $250,000 to $300,000 in commission going forward, all of this from one seminar!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he gave me two referrals for people that he “coaches” on their retirement funds, those two deals are closed before I ever walked through the door. It’s just a matter of filling out the paperwork. It does not get any easier than that!

Thanks again.



My partner and I bought your system in May and started doing seminars in late June and early July. We live in a small rural town and have offered seminars in three small towns so far. We are writing business as we speak. We will move in excess of $300,000 from our first seminar and expecting to write another $300K in the next month or so.


J. Michael R.

Dear John,

I received your program on Friday and wanted to thank you for your help in putting together something so amazing. I expected it would be good, but this is astonishing. Every page turned is like opening a birthday present. Unbelievable! Your program is definitely the real deal.

Thank again, John!

Darell T.

Hi John,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did in putting the program together.  I have wasted thousand in the past year (my first in the industry) trying to find a marketing/sales program that was cost efficient and effective. I got more information and marketing ideas from the Super Producers Manual alone than all of the other programs put together. I am just closing my first sale from the program, $85,000. What a piece of cake! They loved it.

Thanks again.

Update: Harold E.

John, god to have talked to you again, your program is the absolute best I have ever seen. There are a lot of guys out there selling sub-standard programs and should be stopped, like this other guy I know.

Anyway, thanks.

Eric G. H.


I can’t thank you enough for the support that you’ve provided me with (over the last week). It is very rare that a company or individual under promises and over delivers in today’s society. You my friend have done both!

As you know, I have only owned the system for approx. 2 weeks now. So far, I have been in front of four potential clients with combined assets of over $900,000. I will be doing my final presentation to three of them within the next week and half. Notice I said I’m only doing three presentations. That’s because this morning, I just successfully sold my first solution to an elderly couple who decided to “test the waters” with $100,000. You were right on the money when you said, the program would sell itself. The simplicity of the solutions makes it very easy to understand, and it’s done in a very logical way where even a 13 year old would understand all the benefits that the solutions provide. Please let me know the second you release the updated version, because if it’s better than the one I have now, it’s got to BE WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD!

Thanks a million!

Rick S. B.

During my first four weeks using John’s system I have made 10 presentations to clients and prospects. All ten loved the idea and I have closed five including a very skeptical client who moved 250k over from Merrill Lynch. Given the current market I believe there is no better investment that John’s program (for retirees). Every possible need is met without any real objections. My goal of closing one solution a week was obtained and now I am looking to close one a day.


Carl O. & Brad W.R

Due to a limited budget we could only do a small mailing of 2,500 household for our first seminar. Much to our delight we had over 110 people who want to come, but we only had a setting for 35. So, we had to book two additional seminars to accommodate the demand. The appointments are starting to flood in. We did it exactly like you told us John and it works.


Charles M.


I received your program on Tuesday. On Thursday I had an appointment with a couple that is retiring at the end of this month. When I took their assets (401k = 105,000. IRA’s = 35,000, and a couple of small funds) I created a designer solution for them and they were sold in a matter of minutes. They have already turned all their planning over to me. Thanks.


I just wrote my first solution for $500,000! It’s amazing to see the clients become mesmerized by the system when you explain it to them. Of the three people I have presented the solutions to, so far all of them have said that they never seen anything like this before. They tell me that they believe that this system is personally designed for them with their needs in mind. I’ve been accustom to moving just a portion of the clients assets. However, now the clients want to move most or all of their assets. And it makes sense for them to do so. The other two prospects have assets of $775,000 combined and I have a closing appointment to meet with them this week. In addition, I hold my first seminar this week and feel that I am “off and running.” I look forward to being busy and very productive. Thank you John, for offering your time, your expertise, and most all, your selling system. My business was flat before I met you, and now “the sky’s the limit!”


I was excited when I first received specifics on the solutions. It was obvious that I now had the tools to greatly impact my clients, assist them in their financial endeavors while meeting my personal goals in income and productivity. Eager to begin I made costly mistakes regarding the planning details of my first seminar. These blunders involved logistics of the seminar mailing, which diminished my anticipated 90 to 120 guests, of which, only 41 showed on the rainiest night of the year. This added up to the stress, frustration, and the fear of money lost. Amazingly however, with 26 buying units at the seminar, I setup 14 appointments. Hallelujah! What’s more, they were incredibly enthused about the seminar presentations. It was as if they were “pre-sold” on the program. It is great to have a program that yields results in difficult circumstances! Thanks John for the coaching.

Richard D.

Special Note from John Bagwell: I ran a test in 1998 if it was possible to train agents that would only produce high volume commission. Insurance companies thought I was kidding when I explained to them, because only 20% of their field force produces the predominant assets for the entire company. But, I was right and shelved the “super producers” concept due to health reasons. Below is one those test agents that I forgot about, who recently contacted me.

John – Just thought I’d drop you this bit of information. I do not know where I’d be today had it not been for you marketing system, with so many other systems out there promising the goose that lays the golden egg, one can become confused as to what works and what doesn’t, trust me I have them all, so I’ll let the facts speak for themselves. When I first purchased your system, I was earning anywhere from $90k to $100k per year. This year I am earning $400k and still have the 4th quarter to go. I attribute my success to your program. Not only does your system show planners how to market, but it gives the client a road map, something most folks never get. Many planners may have good ideas, but if the prospect does not understand what you’re recommending, then they’ll probably do nothing. John’s program is so simple and logical that I have people telling me “this sounds great” and “what do we do next?” So to all skeptics, please be skeptical, I don’t want an agent near my fishing-hole!

Update: Hi John, I hope all is well. Just closed another 187,000 solution today.

Emil E.

Special Note from John Bagwell: Emil solicited 2,000 targets (in what’s called a micro-seminar),especially designed for agents on “tight” budgets.

John this Emil E., I did a workshop and it was great! I had 35 people attend the workshop. So far, I’ve made 14 appointments and one of my clients transferred $335,000 and the other was for $650,000. I have five appointments on Monday.

Phil R.

Hi John,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I presented my first solutions to client and it helped me close a case that was worth about $3,800 in commissions. Thanks again.

Jeff L.

Dear John,

Thank you for the program. In just four weeks using your program, my commission exceeded $100,000. Your program makes sense to people and they buy! Thanks again.

John R. D.

Hey John,

I am highly impressed! – It was almost 12:00 am on Friday, Sept. 27th when I ordered your annuity selling system on the internet. On Monday morning, Sept. 30, your program was sitting on my desk! Normally I don’t have time to read the Newspaper, but I told my staff not to give me calls and spent almost four hours going over your info. It was like reading a good book, and I couldn’t put it down. I have been a State Farm Agent for 36 years, and I have to say that we never received any training like this! – WOW.


Received a phone call from Phil and he said, “He is moving 5 to 8 million due to my program. Just wanted to say thanks!”

Bruce G.

Received a phone call from Bruce, and he said, “I think this is great! I am batting 100 out of 100 using your program. I can see my sales quadruple next year, and I can end my computer management of securities, saving me a great deal of time.”

Update: “Now I have too much business from your program!”

Robert S.

Dear John,

I have been in the investment business since 1966 and in early 2001 became life insurance licensed as a “senior citizen” emphasizing “senior planning”. Armed with a license, a senior seminar program, and enough knowledge to “get by”, I ventured into the senior market. After the third seminar and a few sales, I came across John’s system. Even though the solution presentation did not fit with my (current) seminar, I brought it into the appointments anyway. The very first time I presented the solutions program was to a senior who had come to the appointment without his wife (because he expected the appointment to be waste of time). The expression on his face when he saws the program was priceless. I knew that I had a very valuable and exciting concept. Since the third seminar, I presented two more seminars (but used John’s programs instead). The sales from the past two seminars rose dramatically as the result for the solution presentation. The solution presentation sets me apart from all others whom my prospects have either done business with or whom they have previously spoken with. The program is common sense, easy to understand, and the clients easily see themselves benefiting from the concept of the program. In addition, the support from John Bagwell is tremendous. We are fortunate that John developed this program, offers it to us for a very nominal fee and provides updates and access to him with questions and guidance.

Best Regards.

P.S. – “Toby writes his own financial newsletter for financial planners.”

Jeremy S. F.


I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your system. It has proven and is still proving each day that you can make a great deal of money using your system. I am writing to give you thanks and accolades not because of the program, even though it is extremely profitable, but for the secondary marketing strategies. I have been using a different program, and I am receiving on average 7 calls per solicitation, and I am closing between 2 to 3 of those calls. Now, I’m making 8 to 10 times more money as I am spending per solicitation. Your system is awesome and I am very lucky to have found it.


Ron F.

Dear John,

I just wanted to say thanks for a great seminar course. I had my first seminar and the prospects are the best I have seen in my 15 years in the business. I have to say the response was overwhelming. The largest client I saw had over $1,000,000 of liquid money ready to move into the program. I have recommended my associates to your site, because it is the best.

Thanks for a system that really works.


Dear John,

I used your solutions (which is great), and moved 2.8 million into index annuities. Also, the seminar system is the best. I just did a seminar that sold out for the first time in my career. Thanks.

Stephen B.


I have heard of people selling something on the internet and not delivering. You however, are entirely opposite. You have delivered 10 times more than I expected. If I catch you on the phone you talk and teach. If I catch you on voicemail you call back quickly. Your knowledge of the industry, seminars, and the solutions has me very excited. I hope to one day become a Super Producer because of you.


“Between you and me, I don’t know how come you don’t charge five times as much for the system.”

Matt A.


I just wanted to write to you to thank you for putting together this system. I purchased the system just less than two weeks ago and used it 4 times prior to our first training session (it’s that easy)! I ended up getting assets from each of these clients because of the solutions program, which is so logical and easy for anyone to understand. Cumulative premium for these 4 cases should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.6 million depending on how the market behaves between now and the time of transfer. I can’t thank you enough for putting such a valuable tool in my arsenal.

Ray F.

This is the most detailed system of any type that I have ever seen.

Rick G.


The system is a concept that can truly help seniors and at the same time allow the planner to make an excellent living; a true win/win. Anybody who is considering your program should jump on it. This system is unique and would set any planner apart from the rest of the competition. It solves more problems for seniors than any concept I have ever seen. It is also the best system I have ever seen and to get the senior to make a full transfer of their assets.

John C. S.

Dear John,

I just wanted to send you this e-mail to let you know how excited I am about your program. Like you said, the visual logic really speaks to them. In my first week of using your annuity selling system, I wrote two new clients totaling $400,000 in premium. By the end of the second week it went up to $625,000 in premium and one more new client. I have never written this large of annuity sale, on an average case before. What really “blew my mind” was, in my first appointment with the prospect, when I was showing the program on my laptop, this woman practically jumped off of the couch and thrust her index finger, pointing at the numbers in front of her, and proclaimed to her husband and me, “that’s what I am going to do with my IRA.” She moves $250,000. I am in my third week now and look forward to making money with your programs (selling annuities), like I never have before. Thanks for your continual guidance and support.

Update: John called me and told me he just moved $827,000 (his second largest case using the program).

Best regards.

Leonard D.

John, just want to bring you up-to-date on my success with your program. I held a mini-seminar last week just to test run my presentation. This was done at our church. I did a small mailing of 289 invitations, and had 11 people show-up (which represented 9 families). Had an unbelievable response from all attendees. I have had 3 appointments so far, and apps for $196,000 on the first client. On the other two, I have appointments set for next Monday to get all the paperwork signed. I will collect another $115,000 of premium on these other two (total commission $23,800). I feel I should meet with the remaining prospects sometime over the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks again for the program and the help in learning how to use everything. I’m still finding new ways to use it.

Graham N.

John – Your material are the nest and most complete that I have ever seen, and I have bought my share of them. You provide on-going support after the purchase, just like you said you would. And you ARE THERE, and you do answer the phone (to provide us with one-on-one training). I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Joe F.

Dear John,

After two weeks into the program, I would say this is the best money I have ever spent for training and marketing. The first two appointments I went on, the prospective clients were so impressed they volunteered referrals! One of the prospects said, “This is the best program they have ever seen.”

J. B.


I just delivered a very nice solution to a very satisfied couple. They were tired of losing money to the market and the program really made sense to them. I had tried to move this $350,000 before and had failed. The solutions made it very easy (to move). I really liked it when the wife said, “Well Joe, now you have all our money.” Thanks for all your help John.

Terry L. S.

Subject: First Impressions

Hi John,

We just concluded my second training session with you (with your annuity selling system), and must pass along these thoughts and feelings. I was ready to throw in the towel when I learned of your program from an insurance magazine. After checking you out with many testimonials included in your sales letter, I decide to act and purchased your program. I truly believe that it will prove to be one of the wisest and best moves I have made in the last 15 years! Even though I am scared as hell (in my ignorance), I met with my first prospect two days ago and explained the Solutions program to him in very elementary terms. Hells-bells, even I could understand it! He is a retired school teacher with some considerable financial means, and he was skeptical but willing to listen. In twenty minutes max, he became wholesomely interested and is now considering placing a “trial” $50,000 into the program to check it out. I feel much more confident about my consulting using your system, because I truly am not viewed as a “salesman!” And when that happens, you value goes UP! It works! Resistance stops! I have set some specific goals for the first month’s production using your program, and I am well on my way to meeting them. Thanks to you!

Thanks John.

Update: I moved $196,000 into a solution today. Yeeeeeee-Haaaaaaa!

Richard W.

Dear John:

After having a brain overload from your seminar in Dallas, I came back home immediately trying to implement all you had taught us. I set three seminars, which were held last week: one on Wednesday, December 4th, and two on Thursday, December 5th. I mailed invitations to a small database that I had. I have been putting on seminars for almost 10 years (in another field), and this is the first seminar sweep I have ever had (that every buying unit there made an appointment). Can’t wait to see these people one-on-one, and I am gearing up for seminars beginning in January. Thanks for all your help in this new arena for me.

Paul B.

At this time I have booked about $700,000 in premium (using your program), and should book another 1.5 million this weekend. Thanks.

Rodney K.

John, I am your minister client. I am pleased to let you know that I closed my first annuity client using your system yesterday! This was my largest client to date (400K) in the 1st year that I’ve been writing annuities, and your program was a huge success and was well received. Thanks for your coaching too, John.

Randy H.

I was at your Dallas annuity training Unbelievable. You did a great job! I appreciate your knowledge and you help. Chris J. and I are partners in this fun and exciting, annuity program that you have mastered and put together. We are typing to learn and master it. I will tell you, it has made us a bundle of money. Thanks so much!

Dave C.


Thank you for speaking to me today. Here is what just happened on a recent appointment: The wife set the appointment. When I got there the husband did not want me to come in, he said that he deals with 2 other big firms already. I mentioned that I will only give him information and won’t ask for any money. I went through the program with him, and his response was, “That as definitely impressive.” He called me back a couple of days later and told me he had a CD just come due that he didn’t tell me about at our first meeting and wanted me to set him up based on the solutions example. Without your program I would have been just another financial guy trying to invest his money. Thank you John.

Ed D.

Hello John,

Thank you very much for the excellent training you provided at your recent advanced seminar in Dallas. Your advanced methods are by far the most sophisticated that I’ve seen to date, and are indeed “something different” and very compelling. There is no doubt that these ideas truly will provide a much needed service to my client. I now feel armed to help them in ways that I did not even know existed before the training. Additionally, I appreciate the time you spent personally with anyone who had questions before and after the presentation. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to glean yet more from your successful experience. Thanks again.

Paul B., Ron F., John S.

I had three phone calls from three agents above who said they are moving the following using the program from their December marketing tactics.

Paul B. is moving 1.5 million, Ron F. is moving 3.5 million, and John S. is moving 1.2 million.

Ron F.

Hello John:

I just wanted to say it was great getting a chance to meet you in Florida. Your seminar was the best 2-day training even that I attended in my career. The information you gave out at the seminar was worth more than 100 times plus than the cost of attendance. Again, thanks for putting on a great seminar!

Mike W.

Telephone conversation: “I just want to tell you John, that the first two solutions made me $35,000 commission. Thanks.

Greg R. (Orlando Training Seminar)

This seminar was the most important seminar I have attended in my career. John Bagwell gave us a powerful insight into his program and what it can do for our clients and our careers. Where most seminars put on to help you, but also to sell you more tapes, manuals etc. John did not try to sell anything at all. This seminar truly was held to help you succeed and teach you how to be a super producer. So much information was given I never left my seat the whole time I was there. Thanks again.

Charlie S. (Orlando Training Seminar)

I recently attended the Orlando seminar and you blew me away. I have never been exposed to a person such as yourself, your ideas, knowledge, creativity made me much more aware of what I’m not doing and what I should be doing. I cannot say enough about those two days in Orlando meant to me. You helped me change my life. You are the best, period!

You were such an inspiration to me to push forward. I’m one of those guys that you were talking about that suffer from fear. I really value your opinion and judgment. Not many people have said that to me… in my lifetime.

Jeff B. (Orlando Training Seminar)

Great seminar John. I recently purchased the system so it was an excellent opportunity to learn the concepts. I am moving 450k on Friday (through one of the solutions) and I feel I can easily move 500k per month without seminars. I can’t even imagine what I’ll move once I start doing seminars. I can’t thank you enough.

P.S. – I think your system is remarkable!

Robert G. (Orlando Training Seminar)

John: Again, I walked away from your training seminar in Orlando convinced your system is the BEST things for my clients, and is going to make me a ton of money. The mathematical reality of your system is impossible to refute. Now all I have to do is implement your marketing ideas and move to bigger and better things for my clients and myself. Thank again.

Jeffrey J.

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you have provided me. I held my first seminar using your system in August and have since moved over 1 million dollars in income-recovery planning alone. The response I am getting from seniors is staggering. Your program was worth over one hundred times what I paid for it. Thanks again!

David C. (Orlando Seminar)

You want to get informed, inspired, educated, excited, and enthused? Get your butt in seat at John Bagwell’s seminar – no excuses! Don’t wait and stop second guessing yourself and just do it. I did, wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Massive value for the money. Learn from the Honest-to-God, no B.S., Number One annuity producer on the planet.

Joseph L.

What an exciting seminar! Two days of great information and ideas. I wish you could have spent three days with us! Your expert knowledge, presentation slides with explanation and examples are terrific! You are exactly what I have been searching for in my 25 year financial services career! Better late than never! I truly appreciate your genuine concern in helping me advance to the Super Producer level. Your vast knowledge, experience, and easy to understand teaching methods are to be commended. The various marketing ideas discussed were worth more than the price of admission!

Todd A. (Orlando Seminar)

I’ve been in the business for 14 years. I’ve been to many seminars in my career. I learned more in 2 days that I have learned in my entire career! Explaining the software, marketing, and selling process was invaluable. Taking the time to role play is something I have NEVER seen in my career from any company or individual. Your black and white, based on Truth & Logic approach was a big hit with me. Please continue what you’re doing.

P.S. – I don’t know how you can hold so much knowledge in your head. If I can ever obtain ¼ of what you know, I will feel I’ve conquered the world.

Perry S. (Orlando Seminar)

You’re the best that I have ever heard. I agree with your concepts 110%

Michael L.

I went in with high expectations and I was prepared to learn. I was not disappointed. I was looking to learn more about marketing methods and financial analysis methods you use to teach. You were extremely thorough as you covered both. You were able to answer questions thoroughly and provide an enormous amount of information. Your personal experience, boldness, and creativity on marketing side are impressive! My partner, Craig, and I have closed one deal using the system previous to the seminar (for $180,000). We look forward to using your marketing methods to make your program the core of our business.


Joey D.


Your seminar and knowledge of the annuity and financial business are incredible. I personally feel that anyone can take your system and apply it to their business and will double or triple their income. I appreciate how straight forward your presentation cuts to the chase about our industry. The system is a powerful tool to close more business. Thanks for the hard work.

Ray F. (Orlando Seminar)


I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences at the seminar. I realized more about myself in two days than I could have ever dreamed of. What I learned from the meeting with you in person is something could never be put on disk or put on your website. You truly care about people and your message was heart felt. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that my family and I now have because of you. God bless you.

Other Seminar Testimonials

Shela S. – I see what a powerful program it becomes when people visually see their financial future explode in front of them. What a powerful program!

Peter M. – I feel I saved 2 years drudgery and misdirected marketing efforts by attending.

John S. – I was amazed at your knowledge and I had a great time! I like a guy that tells it like it is. You’re my new hero!

Paul B. – I can’t sleep thinking of all the ideas to make money using your system.

Gerry M.

I can see I’ve got some midnight oil to burn studying, but from what I can see thus far, I think your system is the best thing I’ve ever run across.

Mitch M.

Thanks for all your help. I am new to the system, but I have moved over $600,000 in client money since January 1. My first seminar for new business is the first of February. I will keep you abreast of my results.

Update: In a phone conversation, he said, “I have so many reservations we had to book them for other seminars. Your system is so effective!”

Gerald B.

Phone testimonial – Gerald explained that he is so overwhelmed with the appointment from his seminar (80 appointments – 30 for this week), and has 2 million cooking to be processed.

Todd A.

I just left an appointment that was set up by a long-term care agent that was looking for a way to use a single premium to fund the long-term care policy for her prospective clients. I explained a 20 year solution instead of the “old day thinking” of using annuity to fund the long-term care policy. He was so impressed with this concept that he asked me to come back and show him what I could do for $1,000,000. If anyone is on the “fence” about the power of John’s program have them e-mail me. I have just barely scratched the surface of this powerful system. Thanks for all your help and patience.

Additional – John, I just wanted to say I have had success with a campaign that I did not have a seminar on. The client committed to $100,000 from CD’s, $32,000 from a mutual fund rollover, and $60,000 from an annuity conversion. I had a great laugh and I’m going to make $12,000 from the business. Thanks for the system.

New Additional – John, I just wanted to say thanks again. I moved $306,000 this week using the program. That’s ¼ of the total production for all last year in 1 week. This business came from one of your secondary programs.

New Additional – Just wanted to say thank you AGAIN. I moved $166,000 today. My family thank’s you too. Have a great day.

Jeff W.

I spoke to Jeff and he has told me he’s moving well over 1,000,000 dollars a month using one of the non-seminar approaches in your annuity selling system and using the solutions for the “kill”.

E-mail Sent to Me –


Thank you for your insight on the program. I found this to be the “Ultimate” niche market that is still untapped! Our small efforts have been bringing us in between 1 to 1.5 million in new sales every month! Thank you!

Jimmy J.

Told me over the phone they moved over $1,000,000 in their first seminar making $70,000 dollars in a very competitive market

Stephen P. B.

John, I bought your system and I have one sale with 11k in commission so far.

Update: I had my first seminar last night and it was great!

Update: I am having great success with my seminar series using your program.

Joyce B.


Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT program. I was prepared for my first seminar with a company I currently work with and did not feel confident with the seminar presentation I received from them. I received your program, we went over it just one time and I went into the seminar with much more confidence. My first appointment, I moved $100,000 and the second appointment I moved $175,000. I’m very happy and I have several more appointments this week and very much look forward to learning more about the solutions program. Six of the people in the seminar had been to several other seminars and had not moved their money. They said MY seminar was the most impressive they had seen.

David S.

David called to let me know he moved his first client for $300,000. He said, “It felt awesome. It felt like the world was my oyster. Thanks again John.”

Mark L.

Mark called to let me know he moved his first solution for 3000k from a “reverse lead.”

John S.


I have been doing seminars for many years with another firm and your system totally blows my approach away! The first appointment using your system I had a great response and I am starting the second appointment this week from the seminar. I had comments from several attendees that my seminar was the best one they had seen. I closed the first case today for $7,000 in commission and tomorrow I will be showing the system for $1,250,000! I hope he is blown away also! Your system is the best! Keep up the good work.

Ralph H.

Ralph called to tell me: “The first guy I showed the program to, I moved 800k. I been freaking-out that I missed out on most of my previous clients by only investing 10% of their money. I wish I had your program years ago. This is sweet!


C.S. called to tell me: “How many other systems are junk, and John’s system is fantastic!”

Ray F.

John, during my first micro-seminar, the hotel that I had the seminar in was great except for the thermostat in the room was broke and the room temperature was about sixty degrees and everyone was complaining that they were freezing. Oh, and one more thing, my wireless mouse stopped working, so I had to have my assistant manually click the slide show. The good news, I had 26 guests representing thirteen couples, and I got twelve appointments and several referrals. Your program SAVED my Day! Thanks for your continued help.

Gerry M.

Intercommunication from one planner to another.

The system is really working great. I am not doing seminars, but using a non-seminar approach and the response has been very good. The system is easy to follow and offers various ways of getting in front of people with money. Very professional and it always makes sense. John’s program is definitely worth the money.

Gerald K.

Gerald called to let me know how his first seminar went. Gerald said, “I’ve been doing seminars for years, and this is the best that I’ve ever seen. My first seminar I had 38 buying units and 18 appointments.” One of my appointments was a former career insurance agent who told me, “This is the most intriguing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Matt A.

Update: Spoke to Matt today and this is what he had to say: “I’m doing very well because of the program. I’ve moved 1.7 million just recently because of the solutions within the program. Not only did I get the client, but also I bagged her lawyer and possibly all his clients. This lady came to 5 previous seminars, and when I showed her the solutions, she was sold. In addition, I received two reverse solution leads and moved $400,000 and $200,000 respectively. The program is great.”

David H.

I spoke to David today and this is what he had to say: “I have moved between 350k and 400k so far, since I got the system. In addition, I’m working on a case for 10 million (which came from John’s seminar system/solutions program). The seminars are working very well.”

David S.

Dear John:

Thanks for all the help and for creating such an amazing program. I’m going to move between 600k to 700k tomorrow; which is my first big annuity case (he has had the system for only 2 to 3 weeks).

Additional fax testimonial

Since 1987 I have specialized in LTC sales. I have often thought, I should add annuities to our product offering. A call from a client asking for a proposal on $100,000 finally put the wheel in motion. After contracting, I placed the $100,000 policy. Within a week a friend referred a client to me that had $750,000 to invest. By coincidence, another friend who occasionally works out of our office had just purchased John’s system. He proceeded to show me the solutions program.  I immediately knew that this was the missing piece of the puzzle for my client. I contacted John Bagwell and purchased the system. Within a few days I was running “solutions” programs for my future client. I found out that when you purchase this system you get two things of importance; you got a valuable software program, and also a coach to personally walk you on the right approach (free opinion) with you (concerning a client). March 26th marks a milestone for me and my agency, for this is the day I entered the annuity marketplace in earnest. That evening I collected a single check for $667,000! I would not have done this without John’s system. This week, I will add $229,000 to this total, placing over $1,000,000 in premium in my first month of actively marketing annuities. Who said they would rather be lucky than smart? I was little of both. I t was luck that my friend came along and showed me John’s system, and smart to recognize the value of it. I recommend that anyone interested in selling annuities. Purchase John’s system.

He also faxed me a copy of the check from the client for $667,000.

Mark R.

Dear John,

I love your program! It’s a plan that blows away any other planners program. After three weeks, I have $150,000 of annuity premium based on 2 clients. I also have two prospects with solutions of $300,000 and $1,000,000 that I believe I will close. All my clients want a piece of my mind, and when they see the solutions it just makes sense. I love it when they take the computer away and echo back how sweet it is. I know then I have a goldmine! I sold my company last year, and now I actually have a chance to earn more money doing something I love. Good job! Great product!

Thank you.

David Q.

Dear John,

I sure like the program. I have already used the program and moved 600k!

Warmest regards.

Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth called me to let me know that she is doing very well using a non-seminar approach to solicit new prospects. She was very excited.

Michael S.


There is no need to tell you again, you’re a genius, but it’s true. After just viewing the system (the ability to move tremendous amount of money is clear). I cannot wait for training on Tuesday. Thank you for creating this program.


Richard called to let me know he moved his first $1,000,000 using the program.

Bill M.

Bill called to let me know he had 25 years on pension administration and financial planning in the 401k market. He said he thought the software was excellent.

Eric L.

Eric bought my system after he left Larry… Said that his system does not work very well, this is why he called me up to purchase my system.

Joe R.

Joe called me to let me know he moved his first $150,000 using the program.

James J.

He called to let me know that he moved 5.2 million using the program. James has owned the system for only 3 months.

Terry S.

I got my first commission on my first solutions yesterday! It was nearly $14,000! I split it with another agent who had the client, but it was a great beginning! Have 2 or 3 behind this case, which will process soon. Thought you’d like to hear my good fortune.

Kevin P.

Dear John,

After completing training with you on the Qualified Solutions program, all I can say is that it is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for developing a clear, concise system that allows us to do the right thing for our clients and thereby save them a fortune! You are the best!

Peter M.

Peter called to let me know that he moved well over $1,000,000 in the four months.

Dennis O.

Dennis called to let me know that he moved $574,000 in his very first case, which he showed the program to. Dennis has only owned the system for 1 week.

Michael S.

Michael has owned the system for approximately 1 month.

I have only moved over $400,000 in the month, but I can see how many moved millions will be moved. Take care.

Clifton O.

Clinton called me to let me know he did his first solution for $135,000.

Ben S.

Ben called me to let me know he moved his first case for $70,000 in his very first solicitation.

Allen H.

Allen called to let me know he moved his first solution for $120,000 and has a million in the works. Allen has owned the system for 40 days.

Dennis O.

Dennis called me to let me know he moved $160,000 yesterday and moved $50,000 today. He told me he has moved $500,000 in his first 2 weeks since he bought the system.

Mike S.

Dear John,

I found Chicago training to be nothing short of fantastic. It really helped to drive home and re-enforce some of the finer points I had missed in the Super Producers Manual. I wish we had one more day (the seminar was 8 hours a day, for two days). Your direct approach is refreshing! It’s great to finally have someone tell it like it without all of the typical “rah-rah” B.S. we usually hear. John, you and your program do a lot of good for a lot of people. Planners and clients are benefiting all over the country from your work and that is real testament to you. People are better because of you. Thank you for sharing it, Take care.

Abu A.

Dear John,

The seminar I attended was great! I used the information I received the first day at the solutions seminar. I am thankful for all you shared and I will continue to make millions with the program. I really enjoy the monthly software updates, newsletters, and your attention to my entire request for advance annuity strategies.

Kevin P.

Dear John,

Thank you for a fabulous Chicago training! I received more useful business building information in two days than I received in my entire career; first rate! Thanks for all you do!

Tim W.

Hello John,

Thank you very much for the Chicago seminar. I now have the courage and confidence to do my first seminar. Your program has changed my life for the better. Thanks again.

Ron F.

This seminar in Chicago was fantastic. This is my second seminar and I have to say the information on the solutions and on your marketing system is the best I have seen in my 15 years in business. Your no B.S. seminar really motivates a producer to move to the next level of production. Thanks for job well done. I appreciate the two days of training in Chicago.

CW Red R.

Dear John,

I want you to know how much your seminar has impacted me and my business. I’d have to say that was the most beneficial and practical training I have attended. It’s refreshing to not have B.S. and hot air but rather honesty and substance. Unlike some speakers who are concerned about puffing themselves up, John you’ve demonstrated that you are more concerned about giving all you have and ultimately transferring what you have to others. Perhaps the most valuable things that I took from the seminar, over and above the practices and how-to’s, is that I now have the mindset of a super producer. In other words you have helped me raise my expectations and see a greater opportunity. I thought that $500,000 of income was a big deal, but now I understand that it is only a start. Thank you.

Bryant C.


The conviction and authority in which you presented the training truly left an impact on myself and others (who attended) to set our focus on the very top in annuity sales. You gave us a real wake-up call and provided the necessary guidelines to analyze our weaknesses. Being able to meet and talk with you and other Super Producers in person was nearly worth the trip in itself. I had a renewed appreciation for your system; no program can help so many different kinds of people. The meeting was unforgettable! Thanks form caring about our success by challenging and being truthful with us. That’s the only things that will us be the best.

Kevin B.

Hi John,

I really enjoyed the Chicago workshop, it was fantastic! Your program is the most exciting thing I have ever come across in the business. I am going to dive into this big time. Thank you.

Mark R.

John Bagwell’s seminar is informative for any agent wanting to be in the top income performer. I have 15 years experience and have published 79 books on insurance and couldn’t sleep because of his creative ideas on solving people’s problems using annuities. If you want to increase your income with a plan that you competition doesn’t have, you should attend.

P.S. – Update

Moved two clients for $450,000 + one for $525,000 since the Chicago seminar due to the program. He said the clients were dead set against moving assets, until I showed them a solutions program. It took just 45 minutes to turn them into clients. In addition, clients CPA was dead against fixed annuities, until I showed his CPA the solutions program. Now the CPA has given access to the CPA’s database. The price of the system is a drop in the bucket compared to what they system is doing for me and my family!

Rick M.


The seminar was superb! So many ways to make a ton of money, my head is just spinning. I was up twice last night to write down ideas on how to implement your concepts in my market. But the most impressive things to me are that you put the solutions together to serve the best interests of the client. The money just follows naturally. Looking you in the eye, I know you care about the people and that is so rare these days. My hat is off to you, John. Well done!

Fred A.B.

Dear John,

You delivered more than 150% than I expected at your training session in Chicago. Thank you for your courage to tell it like it is, and your insight into the successful marketing of annuities. I’m now more informed and inspired. Thanks for your hard work.

Danny G.

Hello John,

Let me say thank you so much for the time you spent with the group in Chicago. I personally enjoyed the training and insight you provided into the solutions program. I realize that your program is a whole new approach to looking at people’s finances and subsequently this is opening doors for me that previously would not have been available. Thank you! I am so impressed with your system that I recommended it to a friend who also decided to purchase your system. John, again, thank you for “scratching the surface” with your software. I know that there is so much that I haven’t even gotten to yet. I look forward to a record year with your system.

Mark V. L.

I just wanted to drop you a line about the seminar in Chicago. The details I learned there have been a real asset. Not the least of which I was able to redesign how my solutions are delivered. I have just delivered a solution to my client worth $400,000! Thank you for everything. It was nice to finally place a face to the voice from the phone support. Furthermore, I sincerely appreciate your straight-forward no-withholding approach with your information. All too often information gets desensitized and politically corrected which just isn’t the real world. Thanks for saying things like they really are. Being new to the business, I am looking forward to a very long and rewarding relationship with you and the system! Thanks for everything.

Update – He just moved $400,000 using the Solutions program.


John: The seminar in Chicago was one of the best I’ve attended in my 29 year career. In the 10 days since returning to my office, I‘ve prepared for my first seminar, slated for June. I have weekly secondary program outlines, in place and functioning. My first solicitation validated your numbers for respondents to the solicitation. Best of all, I have already landed one $56,000 qualified asset transfer. When I get a chance next week to talk to this person’s spouse, they will be moving $100,000 plus in non-qualified assets. Our phone conversation earlier today occurred as I was leaving another client’s home with a commitment for $135,000 qualified asset transfer to a solution. Thanks to you, I’m off to a grand start. I’ve hit the ground with tires smoking.

Ralph G.

Using your program and insights you share, the solutions seminar is finally letting me talk to the people with money in the room. No more wasting time with people I cannot help. Before people with trusts and LTC walked out, now they are the first in line to set an appointment.

Kevin K.

The first appointment generated a small $58,000 premium. It paid for the workshop, marketing and caused the current client to deposit an additional $50,000 into her existing policy. I’m back in business.

Update: Moved $509, 000and ½ million is the hopper.

Update: John, I’m still writing business from the 1st workshop in April. I’m over 1 million from the workshop alone. I just complete another workshop on the 11th. Already produced 103,000 premium with another 250,000 in the hopper. This program works! Thank you.

Joe R.

Thank you John for the heads up. FYI, I moved $300,000 last week. Your program and methodology are flawless. My girlfriend and I just had a baby Tuesday, so I’m even more fired up to sell annuities. Talk to you soon.

Peter G.

I bought John’s system in January, started using your presentations in February with seminars I have gathered well over $3,000,000 in assets so far. My desk is cluttered with leads and folders of people I am meeting with (from these seminars). It works, plain and simple. John will save you thousands easily by preventing wasted marketing efforts as well.

P.S. – Moved a million each every seminar

Other Testimonials from the Chicago Seminar

Mary K.

John not only provided the situation for practical application of variations of the program, but also explained the background for economic climate that produces results. The recognition of the problem and also being able to illustrate an understandable solution to the problem, and making use of the solutions program should be a vital part for any planner


Coming from a securities background for the last 18 years, it was very interesting to see a different perspective. I think John’s program has very specific benefits, which he can demonstrate.

Keith F.

Your seminar was fantastic! I can’t remember the last time I learned so much useful information in two days. I really came away inspired and enlightened as to how effective the solutions program can be, as both a planning and selling tool. I currently work mostly with seniors in my insurance business and plan to move a lot of money using the program. The techniques you taught us to solve their retirement issues using annuities…is brilliant! Your training is a must for anyone who really wants to master your system and benefit from your many years of experience. Thank you again for your help.

Keith P.

Keith has had the program only for a couple of days. By the way, I showed my client the solutions program last Saturday after speaking with you and WOW, he was hooked! You must be an Einstein to have developed all these programs.

Sam P.

Did my first seminar with your material last week, and it went great. I look forward to many more. I used your suggestions for marketing and the response greatly exceeded prior telemarketing results to much less expense. Thanks.

Douglas G.

Ok John, I’m a believer. My first serious couple I sat down with moved $125,000! They said the solution was the most logical thing they had ever seen. Who knows what will happen when I start seminars! Thanks so much. Everything you said on your website and in the info package has been right on the money.

Agents who called me the last four weeks

Don M. called to let me know he moved his first case using the program for $161,000. He said he solicited this client last year and he would not budge, now armed with solutions he was thrilled and Don moved the money. The client kept saying, “I really like this, I really like this!” Don has owned the system for two weeks.

Dennis O. called to let me know he moved $500,000 using the solutions program

Robert D. moved $50,000 in the first two months owning the solutions program.

Todd S. called to let me know he moved $130,000 and has 1.2 million in the hopper.

Todd H. called to tell me, “This is so simple! I moved $160,000 on my very first case. He has owned the system for less than 4 weeks.

Sean T. just moved $300,000 using the program and has 3 or 4 cases in the hopper. He has had the system for 1 month.

Randy M. moved $60,000 today and has another $180,000 in the hopper.

Bill K. moved approximately $850,000 using the program. He has had the system for 1 month.

Luc N. D.

Thanks again for your help. The Solutions program was so easy to explain and comprehensive at the same time. After 3 weeks from buying the program, I was able to reposition $600,000. Couldn’t have done it without THIS PROGRAM!

Thanks again.

Charley B.

I am processing annuity applications for $335,000 based on John’s solutions. There will be an additional $90,000 in rollover money within 6 months (for this client). This client latched-on the program quickly! He is retiring at age 53 and could spend 50 years in retirement. The last thing he wants is uncertainty! I have been using the “secondary marketing” up to now, but will begin seminars soon. I will funnel all prospects through the monthly seminar, allow those who qualify and show interest to make appointment and turn them into clients. My whole business will be built round annuities and John’s program. I am thoroughly convinced, the future is retirement planning. Thanks for the ideas, training, and support John!

P.S. – Charley called me up to let me know what clients were saying to him. Clients are saying, “I know a great deal when I see it, I know a lot of people who need this program.”

Dan K.

I told you I was looking at a bunch of marketing programs before I purchased yours. I purchased your program and you were right John; your program is unlike anything else out there. You were also correct in saying that you back your product with service!

Greg S.

John, I received your annuity marketing kit last week. I have to say that in 17 years of being in the insurance business, this is the most marketing material I have ever received for my money. I didn’t have any idea that this program would be so thorough. I can hardly wait to start making money with your program.

P.S. – Greg called me up to tell me, “This is the most awesome, professional program, I have ever seen in my career!”

Paul G.

Paul called to let me know, “I closed 4 cases so far using the Solutions program (for a total of $786,000) and I have only had the system for a month! This is great!”

Jay H.

John, I received the program approximately 4 days ago. I followed the instructions, downloaded the system and printed out the Super Producer’s Annuity Manual. I read it 3 times. If at this point I walk away from your program and decide to stop, even before I begin, the manual was still worth THE ENTIRE COST OF THE SYSTEM! Had I followed the wisdom found throughout the manual, I could have turned a recent seminar nightmare (that costs $6,000) into a winner, no question. I became aware of you program in August when surfing the net. I went to several producer conferences and found that there were in fact, “real live big producers” that used your system, but I still was not convinced. So, here I am, almost a year later, thousands of dollars poorer, but much richer now for having finally bought the system. It does cost to go to college. My earning potential is now truly enormous. Thank you.

Nelson R.

I spoke to Nelson over the phone and he said that he is going to receive $14,000 from his first solutions. Nelson has owned the program for only three weeks.

Andre W.

Dear John: I’ve been “in the business” for 40 years and how I wish I had found your system earlier. Thank you. He called me and told me, “This is the most incredible program I have ever seen, and I’m a lifer!”

Steve J.

Dear John, I don’t want to recall seeing anything so well presented as this before. There’s no question that you are a quality act.

Greg S.

Spoke to Greg over the phone. He told me, “This system is unbelievable and it is changing my life. I am going to move 2 million in three cases. This program walks on water! This is what seniors are looking for!” Greg has owned the system less than 60 days.

Charlton D.S.

Chuck called me to let me know he just moved his first $200,000 using the program. He has owned the system for just half an hour–a new record!

Mark R.

Mark called me to let me know that he just did a secondary marketing program. He received 7 leads and moved $700,000 (of which he solicited only 2,000 targets)

Al C.

John’s system creates a separation from the other financial planners. The logic and illustration are undisputable!

Todd C.

Todd called to let me know he did his first “little” seminar. He had 25 buying units and 10 appointments “right off the bat”. He said, “This system grabs people’s attention. This is the best system I have ever seen.” Todd had the system for 1 week.

Rob S.

Rob called and told me, “The program is stronger than 10 acres of garlic! This program is great!”

Gary S.

John: I have just received the annuity selling system and I have to tell you it’s everything and more than you said it was. I am very excited to get in front of prospects and show them the benefits of the program. It is so logical and presents a clear picture of sound retirement plan. Thanks again. And I’ll keep you posted on my success with your program.

Best regards.

Steve S.

Steve called to let me know that he saved a $500,000 case he was previously working on before he got the program by using my program.

Rob S.

Rob called to tell me that he moved $2,000,000 (on 4 cases) using my program. Rob said he’s 4 out of 4 using my program.

Blake J.


The training in San Diego was awesome! All of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. The agent-training seminar is a must for those who plan to be a mega producer. Thanks for all that you do. It must give you great pride and satisfaction to know that you are helping many planners to get to the highest level, and that you are helping so many retirees through them. I look forward to seeing you in future events.

Richard M.

The tips I got from got me a major newspaper to advertise and got a fantastic restaurant to host the workshop with no room rental or minimum attendance. I am moving a million dollars, but that’s not what I went to your seminar for, you can walk me through that over the phone. I want to push the envelope and move 2 million a seminar and that’s what I’m counting on. The program you developed can put most agents into the top 10% group, if they follow your program. But as a mentor for those who are believers and are loyal, and put every waking moment into the development of your program (you can put them into the 1% category) which is why I went, to be part of the John Bagwell legacy. There won’t be another person life you for another century to come. I believe you know how to get into the circles I need to be in. I need a strong mentor who has walked the path, who can walk the walk and talk the talk. I had enough money I would have made an offer to cash out myself. That’s how strongly I am committed.

Ed B.

Dear John,

You are the man! Thank you for the great two day seminar on your incredible system. I have been using your system for approximately 6-7 months. Now my average income has more than double. I was averaging anywhere from $400k to $555k a seminar before I started using your system. Since that time, my average has been closer to $1.3 million to $1.5 million. Thank you for allowing us to have such a great tool to use for our clients. Thanks again for you efforts and your incredible system.

Chuck T.

You gave an awesome presentation. It was the greatest seminar since Moses came down from the mountain. I feel your information was right in target and not a pile of bologna that you hear from insurance companies. I wish I had met you twenty-eight years ago (when I first came into the insurance business). If I had done so, I would be a multi-millionaire today. I can’t wait to attend another seminar.

Mike L.

John: Thanks for the fantastic training. The information you covered accelerated my learning of the program immensely. The confidence I gained by having deeper level of understanding of the solutions program and its benefits has helped me close two cases for $352,000 since I got home. I would highly recommend to anyone who is using the solutions program to attend the training because they will see the immediate results in their production. John, I truly appreciate your honesty and your desire to help us become more successful. Your message came in load and clear. Thanks again.

Marc S.

The information was more than expected. You covered A to Z when it came to your program. Your approach to marketing annuities is refreshing. I have two books of notes, and I have been selling annuities since 1996. However, it was nice to meet you and see other top producers go through the same program as I.



I really enjoyed our time together in San Diego. As an agent who has trained other agents and as an agent who has attended training seminars before, your training is outstanding and quite unique in many ways. It was unique not only in design and application of your solution plans, but also in its marketing methodology and approach to various unique target markets that I frankly had not even though about. Your analytical insights were quite helpful. Additionally, I want to add that you understanding of certain specialty markets are very unique. I had never heard it before attending your San Diego training session. Personally, I plan to act upon your insights and take advantage of the pioneering works that you have done in these areas with the solutions program.

Special Note: John has moved 25 million so far this year.

Mike S.

Dear John,

Your training in San Diego was spectacular. I wish you talked for 100 hours. Your insight into the affluent markets is exceptional I want to attend future seminars to get more of your wisdom.

After my initial shock that you were not Alec Baldwin in Glengary Glen R, but John Bagwell sophisticated annuity genius, I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and power of your program. I have found it hard to sleep thinking about the power of the system.

Greg S.

Dear John,

Thank you for showing me how to close a new business using logic. Up until I started working with your system, I was always production driven and having to depend on my sizzle than substance… Using your system, I can now sit down in front of any client knowing that I have something superior to offer, piece of mind.

John M.

Dear John,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the terrific seminar in San Diego. The solutions training was outstanding and you insights into positioning agents as a financial planner were right on the money. While I am relatively new as a planner, I have worked with agents throughout the country on the corporate marketing and distribution side for years. The insurance industry has for a while, commoditizing itself and agents have followed suit. Too many agents are simply pushing product and they have become a commodity in the eyes of the consumer, bringing no added value to the table. Your program re-positions the agent, who is now adding value by bringing answers to serious problems. The agents just happen to be using fixed products to solve these issues, but more important, they become a valuable financial partner and not a product-pusher and vendor in the eyes of the consumer. One last thing, I was able to go through the solutions program with a CEO of an IT firm on the way to San Diego (he was sitting next to me). He’s loved the program. I just got an email back today from him regarding us getting together in the next few weeks. I can’t thank you enough for bringing your brilliance to the agent market.

P.S. – “At my last insurance company, I did two “surveys” a year on the economy and I had dozens of national TV and Radio stations, as well as print and I was drooling over your info – no shit. I had far less good material than you.

Mitchell B.

Hey John,

Thank you so much. I just loved your seminar in Sand Diego. I knew that before lunch the first day I had got my money’s worth. You packed so much information into the weekend I could note, I couldn’t have asked for more. The dedication that you give to the industry shows in your action. You are to be commended for you honest and forthright approach. It is nice to know that you are just a phone dial away.

Rob S.


I sincerely want to thank you for being in my life. Your product and personal service have allowed me to help clients that I would not have been able to help before. It is rare in this business that someone actually delivers what they promise. I have been to 8 “boot camps” and have purchased 10 “turn-key” programs. All boot camps and “turn-key” program were hyped up and copies each other, except yours. You “Solutions” will allow me to help a significant number of clients that have previously “untouchable” assets. Meeting you in person at you workshop really made it all clear to me. The only complaint I have from the workshop is I wish it was 3 days instead of 2 days! Yesterday, I completed applications on three clients. One wrote me a check for $500,000, the second gave me their entire portfolio so they could both retire THIS year (their broker, CPA and planner, had told them to both work for 5 more years to age 70!) And the third, turned over their entire portfolio also. Not to be too warm and fuzzy, but without you in my life, the first would not have happened, and the families of the second and thirds case would have not been able to live a quality life. Thank you again, John Bagwell for being in my life and the lives of my clients and for giving me the told to improve the quality of life for my clients.

Warmest Regards.

Special Note: Rob is well on his way of meeting or breaking the 30 million in the next year. Almost every day he calls me to tell he has moved a significant amount of money. I wish you well.

Jim K.

Hi John,

I think the 2 day seminar was great! I have sold more than $500,000 of annuities this month using the very basic solutions. I would highly recommend your program and related software to anyone even remotely considering selling annuities. I consider the opportunity to interact with you at the seminars invaluable!

With my Best Regards.


Once again, John your seminar was incredible. Your no-hold-barred approach to training was very refreshing and I feel that it was well worth the time and expense to attend. I can’t say that about many other training seminars that I’ve attended in the past.

Thanks again.

Allen T.


The training in San Diego was awesome! The agent-training seminar is a must for those who plan to be a mega producer. Thanks for all that you do. It must give you great pride and satisfaction to know you are helping many planners to get the highest level, and that you are helping so many retirees through them. I look forward to seeing you at future events.

P.S. “I have the best system and mentor on the planet!”

Additional – I made my first sale following last weeks’ seminar. Albeit a small one, it’s a start to a great career! I have appointment every day this week, more leads to see, and I am rehearsing for next weeks seminar.

Danny R. T.

John: After reviewing the material and speaking to you on the phone I wanted to let you know that in my opinion the money I paid for the system was insignificant to the benefit I am receiving. The time you spend with me on the phone getting me focused on what matters and cutting away any distractions has help me tremendously! Thanks.


John, I just received my system on Saturday (3 days ago) and I am totally impressed. Even though I am starting with a very small marketing budget, I know I will succeed. Having your system and your guidance has put me miles ahead of competition. I can’t wait to implement your marketing advice (for a person beginning with a tiny budget). Thanks again.

Larry E.

By the way, I had the micro-seminar. You do great work! I had 20 couples and 90% of the made appointments.

Jeff L.

Dear John,

I just got my updated software and there is quite a bit more information on this CD than the first one. What I don’t understand is why, with a 30 day free look (for this software), where is the risk? I have written several million using the information is the Super Producers annuity manual and the solutions program. I have several more million that I am working on now from people who have seen the solutions. I have to tell myself everyday, that successful agents do things that unsuccessful agents can’t or won’t do. Thanks for support and motivation.

Additional: Moved $1,000,000 with one case using the solutions program. This program teaches you a lot on annuities!

Rick E.

To update you, my first appointment generated a $30,000 (1035 transfer). I have been on one other appointment that did not generate a sale. This week I expect at least 4 appointments. Thanks.

Call In’s This Month

Marc S. called to tell me he sold his first annuity using the program.

Bud R. left a message and said he did his first sale. He had the system for 1 month.

Larry T. called to tell me he did his very first sale using the program for $78,000 and is working on 531k.

Mark L. called to tell me he moved his very first case using the solutions for $89,600 and moved an additional $156,400. He has owned the program for 1 month.

Additional: Mark L. solicited 4,889 prospects and had 280 reservations for his first seminar (using the seminar system).

Brad W. called to tell me that some agents act like they’re buying a house when looking at a system. One sale will pay for the system and more. Agents should just get into the system.

Randy M. called to tell me that his very first micro-seminar using the program had 26 reservations, 26 people showed-up, 13 buying units, and 8 appointments.

Michael S. called to tell me that he has seen a lot of programs in 14 years but this program is the best he has ever seen.

Gerry M. moved $280,000 rollover using the solutions.

Mike S. moved his first solution for $250,000 and said, “It’s encouraging to see people who are really bright, rich, and interested in the solutions.”

Tom B. moved his first $240,000 using the program. He had the program for a month and now he is in the middle of moving another $100,000.

Kevin K. called to let me know he moved another $500,000.

Greg S. called to let me know he made his first sale which he moved that amounts to $400,000 and he is going to move $200,000 of that client’s boyfriend using the program.

Michael H.

I do want to commend and credit your program as one of the reason my office brought in $10 million in annuity premium this year. Thank you for your effort.

Ralph E. H.

Dear John,

I finally figured out how to present the program. Recently, I had two appointments back-to-back. One couple had liquid assets of $130k, and the next had $1.8 million. Both were afraid of running out of money. I moved $130k and 300K respectively. In the past three weeks I have moved (not including the above) a total of $1.4 million.


John C.

John called to tell me, “This is the best system he has ever seen. I moved $250,000 in my first solutions, and for a commission of approximately $15,000.

Additional: I used the program on two of my prospects and converted them into clients. One was for $250,000 solution (as stated above) and one was for $100,000. I attribute the easy sales to the solutions program and your coaching, walking me through these scenarios (since I am new to the system). When I showed them how they would never run out of money, they just sat there “bobbing” their heads. The $250,000 client wondered why his previous advisor never showed him this. The $100,000 is a recently widowed 78-year old lady, so I insisted her two children sit in out meeting. Once they realized that they would have an inheritance, they loved it. Thank you for taking my calls and helping me with this. I wish I knew about system years ago.

Allen T.

John, I just moved $100,000 into a deferred Solutions.

Bob C.

Dear John,

Just received your program and I was very happy to see it was not the same old BS. It is clearly defined system to present and plan on a very professional level. I will keep you up to date on my progress using the system.

Many thanks.

Additional: John, I did the seminar for the first time last night. The response was unbelievable. I had 20 couples and all but 2 requested an appointment. I would like to spend some time training at your convenience, so that when I start my appointments next week I will be ready to implement the various solutions programs efficiently. Looks like I’ll be in the office all weekend studying. Please be patient with me through the training process. Once I have this down, I can see how it is going to be a win/win for myself and my clients. You have definitely hit a homerun with this system. I want to remind you that I am not a rookie to the seminar scene and have produced regularly approximately 1 million in premium per seminar in the past. With this new system I can see these previous numbers of production are a joke compared to what can be done. Looking forward to your continued help.


Jim K (Post Seminar Results)

I did want to let you know that since I attended your seminar in San Diego, I have exploded my business using your system. I have written at least one large case over $250,000 every month for 4 months straight, and I am now a Top 50 producer for my Field Marketing Organization. I attribute that to your system and its comprehensive approach to providing a “solution” to the senior, and not just a product. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to attending your next seminar.

Best Regards.

Allen T.

Dear John,

Thanks for the “kick in the pants” concerning portfolio evolution. My client is moving $650,000 out of the market and into 2 solutions. I also have another $300,000 that will be moved next week. I had told you that I’d go to Hilton Head if I hit these cases, but I have 55 reservations and waiting list of 18 for the seminar held on Tuesday. I think that I need to be working on these leads rather than going out of the field Thursday and Friday, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner, but I know that I need to keep the education process going and am wishing that I could be there in Hilton Head. I hope that there will be another opportunity to achieve the CMA designation in the future.

Peter T.


Thanks for an awesome training session in Hilton Head! As a newcomer to the system, I had wanted to get a few cases under my belt before I attended the advanced training session. After attending, I am thinking that maybe this should be titles “The Essential Solutions Training Program”. I was extremely glad to have the opportunity to meet others like myself who had used the software on and off for a number of months and seemed to put off making the commitment to go out and do what you suggested – plunge into it and make a lot of money! After coming out of the seminar with other, I too felt like I have the tools and insights to make this happen in a big way and move millions like many of your Super Producers! For those folks new to the system, consider this 2-day training program an essential ingredient to your road to success path. Reading John’s manual and talking to him on the phone just isn’t the same as being in the same room with him as he talks about the system. You just feel the commitment and success that arises from years of making tons of money with the system. There really is a great benefit from going to the live seminar and being able to meet a great group of agents attending – some new to the program, but also other who have been using the system and making lots of money as well. You get the opportunity to network with others and on an ongoing basis to gain ideas and insights that will only help you become even more successful. There’s no question that you, John, are dedicated to teaching us and encouraging us to succeed, I can’t decide what was more meaningful to learn – the intricacies of the various solution cases we discussed or the marketing insights on how to reach our target audiences! I know they were both invaluable. There is no other program like this to sell annuities. Keep up the great work and I will keep you abreast of my successes using the program.

Michael S.

Dear John,

Thank you for a great seminar you presented at Hilton Head. The most important message I received during the two days we were together can be summed up in one word – BELIEF. You helped all of us believe that we could rise to the top, but not just that, you also gave as tangible real life tool to be successful every day. What more could we ask for?

John P. S.

John, thank you for the first class seminar in Hilton Head. Your passion for the Solutions program made the training very intense and your marketing insights will help take my production to the next level. More information was packed into a two day workshop that I thought humanly possible. I just wish we had even more time to work with you. The system is truly unique and having you as a mentor is invaluable. Thanks again for your incredible effort.

Steve J.

Dear John: You said you wanted to make the best seminar I’ve ever attended. As far as I am concerned, it is the only seminar I’ve ever attended! Everyone else is pushing products, companies, living trusts, books, tapes, and etc. Yours was such as no bullshit, cram packed plethora of ideas that I will require several weeks to fully digest and employ. I can’t thank you enough.

P.S. – Wow! I’m suffering from brain overload. I have never been to a seminar that was so chock full of valuable information.

Charles R. N.

The Hilton Head meeting was exceptional! I now have a track to run on with seniors – and probably no competition from any direction. Yesterday I moved $110,000. Thanks for you obvious concern for my financial welfare.

Jim L.

John: Thanks for your ideas – you were well prepared, and the material was well presented and was very usable. I’ve been in this great business for 36 years, and your ideas can definitely help me to help my clients. Thanks a million.

Larry R.

Dear John: I found the seminar informative and motivational. Your knowledge of the annuity business is un-paralled, and the solutions program is awesome. It was truly money well spent.

Rick M.

Dear John,

Fantastic job on the new Digital Presentation! Concise, simple and powerful. Used it for my first two micro-seminar. I only had 11 people, 7 buying units, but 3 of them bought the program at the first meeting, for a total about $450,000 moved.. In 25 years of sales, I’ve never had first meetings where the clients were pushing me for the sale! The presentation did all the worked and all I had to do was to avoid any screw-ups. I also sold a custom solution to another married couple in their early 50’s (not from the seminar). They had lost big time in the recent downturn thanks to their broker and were very hesitant. When they listened to my explanation of the solutions, they were dumbstruck. They moved $125,000, and I made $11,000 commission, and got 2 referrals already! And the best part is that you are really helping these folds. Oh, and I have 2 referrals already from my 3 micro-seminar clients. Thank you John!

Paul S.

John – Thanks for sending the disk and emailing me the micro seminar. My meetings went well, looks like a potential $1.5 million, thanks to the program.

Don M.

Dear John: I was unable to attend your most recent training in Hilton Head; however I had a compelling case I was working on and felt it would serve my interests more to stick around. For this client, I presented a qualified solution for $280,000 and a non-qualified solution for $175,000. I closed on the two programs yesterday! Once I am able to show the solutions, prospects have been incredible anxious to proceed with re-positioning of their assets. The client from yesterday is not what I refer to as a “learned man”, rather a man wise in the ways of the world and a fugal person from a B. collar, hard-working background. Clarity and simplicity are important to this person and the solutions epitomized these characteristics to him, and every time I have had the opportunity to present the concept, it just SIMPLY WORKS! Thank you for your work in this area, and for the opportunity to participate with your program.

Todd D. A.

Thanks for the new Digital Presentation. It is awesome and I know why you wouldn’t discount it. I have a seminar coming up next week. Full house in 2 days. I’ve moved close to 2 million with the solutions program, and hope to finish the year out with another million or so. Thanks again.

Call Ins:

Jim H. called to let me know that he has written $272,000 in the last 4 weeks.

Jeff G. had the system for one month and in just the last two weeks he has shown the solutions to 5 prospects and went to move $1.2 million. Clients are saying, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

Kevin W. moved $300K using the program, and going to move another $900K. He had the system for 2 weeks.

Richard C had the system for 1 ½ months, and moved $400k, and has $1 million in the pipeline.

John S. moved an average of $300K per case, for an average commission per case of $15K.

Greg S.

You know that case you helped on last week? Well, I got it and moved $1.3 million. All I did was exactly what you told me to do, and I got it. Thank you very, very much!

Perry E. S.

Dear John,

I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar in Hilton Head, SC, this past November 21st and 22nd. You gave a superb presentation. It is one of the best seminars I’ve ever had the privilege of attending, and I consider it a truly good investment and worth every penny. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. You are most helpful and considerate. Many, many thanks.

Victor P.

Dear John,

I want to let you know that after being in the insurance business for almost 30 years, I have never attended a more meaningful seminar that the Hilton Head. I guess the older I get, I realize that the preservation of assets for clients and solving for their retirement makes what we do THE MOST IMPORTANT AND MEANINGFUL financial planning there is. You feel terrific when you help someone the correct way. When you do things right for people, the income will follow. So thanks again John, I am planning my first solutions seminar. I’ll keep you posted. I highly recommend the program to all agents, not because of the tremendous increase in income, but because you will be doing things right for your clients.

Gregory J.S.

I am a 30 year veteran of life and annuity business. Never in my career have I seen a more outstanding and profound annuity marketing system/client presentation for my clients. The solutions has truly changed my life and my client’s finances forever. I am totally committed to the concepts of preserving people’s wealth. This program is exactly what the senior-risk adverse is looking for. It’s MINT PERFECT. Keep up the good work. I look forward to a long and healthy relationship.

Jeff G.

John – Thought I would give you an update on how things are going since I purchased the program about a month ago. To this date, I have close $350,000 in premium with another $250,000 on tap for the next week. I am amazed at how receptive and eager my clients have become. What really blows my mind is the fact that they are asking if they can refer their friends and family to me! Now it’s time to do a little marketing. Can’t wait to see what happens then. Thank you for such a great tool to simply plan and demonstrate the flow of money. Have a great weekend and holiday!

Bryant C.

Dear John,

I would also like to wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas as well. I’m very thankful for you all, more than you will know. If you didn’t already have everything, I would have sent you a gift! In all seriousness though, I am grateful for allowing me the opportunity to utilize the solutions, your ideas, programs and most of all I am thankful to have experienced your presence of total conviction in what you know and teach. That speaks with most power above anything else. It’s taken me awhile to really get it all. But thanks to some prospects God provided, I was able to move $375,000 on my first case (my biggest case in a year). And more importantly, the client is happy. You could not have imagines it, but you have played significant part in the drastic change I’ve had in my spiritual and personal life this past year. I’m not negative about the future, my outlook about the future is positive. I’m not a failure anymore, I have overcome bankruptcy and past failures and I’m going to keep winning every day. Jesus Christ, the reason for this holiday season has changed my attitude towards others and myself away from work. And you have taught me a lot about having powerful knowledge and conviction, while also helping me by being instrumental in opening up a world of opportunities. Mere words cannot express my appreciation.

Thanks so much.

Bruce T.


Just wanted to let you know that I have been through your “tutorial” several times after reading The Super Producers Manual. Your software and the concepts are brilliant! I have been in the business 12 years and have yet to view anything this powerful.

Call In: Your system is the best I ever seen in my career, you must be a “freegin’ genius”

Call Ins:

Frank C. moved 1 million using the solutions program. He had the system for only 6 weeks and is very pleased with the system.

Ron F. said, “Just wanted to let you know I did $788,000 in commission this year using your system. Last week alone, I moved 1.7 million. Your system is great and your new presentation is fantastic! I just wanted to thank you for all the wonder programs you have created this year.”

Bob C. said, “I’m about to ACAT 450K. The best performance for me personally. I did a seminar for the first time and moved 1.2 million. Second seminar I am going to move 1 million (and advertising cost me $480)! And I just want to mention, The Super Producers teams is fantastic!

Richard D. earned $350,000 this year after splitting commission with two other partners. The solutions program produced $1 million in commissions for me and my partners.

Craig R. C. called to tell me that he moved an average of 3.5 million per year since 1997 using my program. He said, “All my production is the results of using your system. It had changed my life!”

Kyle M said that he had his first 2 seminars and did very well, and that people loved the presentation!

Gregory S. S.

Dear John,

You were right, your system works! I just closed a one million dollar annuity using your system! I will also pick-up an additional $500,000 with the same client. I would have never made this sale without your system. As you know, I have been an insurance profession for the last 17 years (10 of those years selling securities). I have been “around the block” when it comes to so called “sure-fire” selling systems. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years, and have tried just about every system ever invented. But I have to tell you John, none of them comes close to what you have created. Your system is truly in a league of its own and makes annuity selling fast, easy, and dare I even say fun! What’s even more remarkable, this case was only the second presentation I did using your system! The software is extremely easy to use, and the road solutions it produced worked like magic to help my new client justify moving their entire portfolio. Needless to say, I’m blown away. In my opinion, the price you are charging for your system also left two other competing agents completely helpless and totally ineffectual against me. Thanks again John for all your help and sharing your system.

Stephen B.

John’s system is beyond amazing. We pride ourselves on being client-centered advisors, not annuity sales people. Naturally, we’re a bit skeptical about selling systems. What is remarkable about John’s approach is we can designs solutions with a guarantee of not losing principal in a very straightforward, easy to understand presentation. To us this so significant that we have spent the month of December totally revamping our five year business plan of how we want to serve our clients. Is this program revolutionary? To us, it certainly is!

John S.

I am so impressed with your software, your experience and knowledge, you are second to NOBODY! I started three years ago with Asset M… Their seminars went well, but the average sale was around 50k to 60k. When I found your system, my average commission per client went from$5,000 to $10,000, then from $10,000 to $30,000! And I live in a rural area and I’m just now catching on and starting the secondary marketing ideas of yours. I look to be having my best year ever! I expect and pray to do at least 6 million this year and 10million is a possibility. Your monthly Super Producers Kits are AWESOME! You tell it like it is, and I like that. You don’t “pussyfoot around”. The information you provide us will truly make us Super Producers, if we follow your directions! God Bless and keep up the awesome job you do!

Rod S.

I am in the process of finalizing a $270,000 solution in NE, that I didn’t think I’d get because of the close relationship of other advisors to the family, but the CPA saw the benefit of the solutions.

Allen T.

Thanks you John for my life changing. I have the career that I have dreamed of! I bring tremendous value to my clients, I am well paid for it, and I really enjoy the worked! I tell lot of folks that I meet with the “fellow that designed this program, who is a genius.” And I am proud to say that he is my friend.

Glenn H.

We ended up with a little over 5.5 million.

Special Note: Glen just started using the solutions program.

Kevin K.

All monetary efforts ascertained due to your “seminar solicitation” that is included in the system to draw prospects to the workshop and so, between my efforts and a modest 7 million in premium using your system. I had my best year to date.

Joseph P.

The materials you sent, was quite impressive.

Todd A.

I moved 1.6 million last year, and I have moved approximately $650,000 already this year.

Ed P.

Wow John, you truly made my day. I would give just about anything to have your ability. You didn’t ask for the sale, but you had me sold on day one. I was pleased to be included in the two-day program. Thanks again.

Charles H.

I have to say, your seminar presentation was the most unique I ever attended. I took notes, upon notes.

Dave S.


I enjoyed your seminar very much! I think that it was definitely an attention getter. Personally, your seminar has made me think MUCH BIGGER than ever before! I am now thinking about production goals I would never have considered before. I am still working on getting comfortable with the solutions system, and I know it will take more time and many cases to accomplish this. I can see the tremendous upside potential with this program. The program has certainly provided me with a tremendous system to tackle the larger accounts, rather than the traditional approach I was using. Anytime you have the opportunity to learn from the best, you are fortunate. I consider myself fortunate!

Tim G.

John has made me realize that I need to be thinking “outside the box,” and his annuity system has given me the confidence to show people something they need and haven’t seen before!

Tom D.

Hey John,

After 32 years in the “financial planning” profession, I have seen many changes and many sales concepts come and go. However, as my practice these days is limited to individual soon to retire and those already in retirement. I found you concepts within the program which has made it easier for me to get my message across to existing and potential clients with the mathematics of various solution modules. I appreciate your sincere approach to what you have developed and continue to develop. I feel that you are sincerer in your approach and also to the profession. It is refreshing to find someone not just interested in pushing “product”/ I look forward to many year of working together.

Joseph M.

Your seminar was truly informative. The information that you provided affected many of us. Those with over 25 years in the business saw where I could use the information in my practice. I will make more money because of you.

Kevin W.

John that was a fantastic seminar! This was by far the best “mind altering think out of the box” seminar I HAVE ever ATTENDED!

Call In’s

Robert S. called to tell me that he showed his first solutions to a client, and the client loved it.

(Censored): Someone also said, “I have never done a first appointment before and I just moved $600k in the first appointment.”

Jeff L. “I just moved $500,000 today.”

Joe R. called to let me know that he did his first seminar, 20 couples made reservations and 18 made appointments.

John C. said, “This week alone I moved $200k and I’m doing another $300k.”

Kevin W said, “I sold two solutions today. This is so easy.” Kevin has moved almost 2 million in 40 days.

Peter L. called to tell me that he moved 2 million over 4 weeks using the program.

Bob C. said, “I did 1.7 million using the program in the last several weeks. I expect to do 20 million this year alone.”

Kevin M. W.

John Bagwell’s seminar is the best 2-days I have spent since I have been in the financial service. This is the best “out of the box thinking, mentally intense, attentions grabbing seminar that you will ever attend.” After attending John’s seminar you will have a clear success from a person that has made it to the top of this profession. If you want to take yourself to the next level, then listen to John and implement his plan.

Richard B.

John was excellent! John’s annuity selling system is the most complete, well thought-out seminar I have ever seen. From seminar location to phone scripts, it’s in there. The system truly has the ability to make you into an annuity “super producer.”

Terry E.

Hi John! Thanks you for coming to Kansas City to deliver your talk. It certainly made a major impact on me! You obviously were incredible successful in your annuity-selling career. I spoke to others who have already used your program and they were extremely pleased with the benefits it can produce.

Peter L.

Dear John

I have been cleaning up after my first of thirteen seminars planned for the year. As you know, I purchased your system and it was the reason why I finished the year so strong. With this confidence booster I started the year with a bang. My first seminar presented made me about $140,000 in commission. My goals are to do over $20,000,000 for the first year. I have used all of your modules and I’m happy to say that I’m very happy with all of them. If I were to give any advice for agents trying to get to the next level, I would tell them that the first thing to do is to purchase your basic system. The second things I would do is cancel your securities license. I had a series 7 for over 20 years. All it did was get in the way. If I can give one other piece of advice, it would be to attend John’s workshop. It’s powerful and informative. It takes guts to succeed in this business, and John shows he has the guts along with tremendous amount of knowledge of how to sell annuities to potential clients with large amount of money.

Charles H.

It’s sinking in! Every potential client I’ve shown a solution love the simplicity. The ability to show solution in black and white is invaluable. I will be turning those “potential” into clients in the coming weeks. I appreciate your support, encouragement, and willingness to help me learn.

Steve H.

Dear John: It has been a real pleasure getting to know you and your system. I currently work with about 75 high-end producers nationally, and we have integrated your solutions system. Our results have been nothing short of astounding, many producers have reported moving millions. Personally, I have experienced being able to move money with very analytical clients. This is actually my new favorite type of prospect. My advice is to get John’s system and get working into the next level, it’s only a phone call away.

Earl B.

I feel your seminar was extremely comprehensive and loaded with beneficial analytical information for the producing agent. The content and philosophy of your seminar was revealing and inspiring. I just presented my first 2 million this week and I can hardly wait until the next week.

Someone told me, “Last month I did $78,000 in commission – not bad! A lot of time off with the kid – back to almost full force now. I expect to do $100,000 over February.

John C.

Dear Mr. Bagwell:

I just had my best WEEK ever using your program. I moved $377,000 from 2 clients. I moved $277,000 from a variable annuity. Her husband passed away and had all his money in a variable annuity that was sold to him by a local bank representative. At the time of his death, he lost 19% of his original investment. The $100,000 is from a retiree who is afraid of running out of money. I have a third appointment this week for another $100,000. Thanks for developing the system.

Allen T.

John, Thanks for a great time in the Orlando training seminar. For those considering the program, if you can follow directions, you too will prosper! Thanks.

Alisa K.

I just wanted to tell you much I enjoyed your seminar. It was unlike any I’ve ever been to. I will be signing-up for “super producers program” and I will be attending your seminar in San Antonio in May. Is there anyway we can get you to do a small class with us, or any type of one-on-one training? Thanks again.

P.S. – Yes, I do one-on-one training occasion, if I have the time to fit it in my schedule to fly out.

Eamon W.

John – I have to say, I was very impressed with the seminar. I wish it could have been twice as long, because everything I learned was so valuable. As a side not, but while I was in Orlando I sent my client an email regarding his dad’s IRA. I explained to him the concept of a normal Roth conversion and he said that they had looked into it and was not interested in paying the taxes. Once I showed him the program, he said it saved him about 50% in taxes, and that he wanted to go ahead with the solution. Pretty impressive, considering I had never sold an annuity in my 12 years in the business. Thanks for the help.

Don M.

John: I was very impressed by the content of your training seminar in Orlando. Your session were intense and full of useful information designed to make me successful. I feel more motivated that ever before. Thanks John.


Once again, your training and knowledge never ceases to amaze me. You should rename this weekend a “Boot Camp for Millionaires,” as you lay out a solutions for success in this business for all who are willing to follow directions. In an era full of “bull shirt” and “product-pitching” from every motivational speaker and insurance wholesaler, your seminar comes as a breath of fresh air. Bravo.

Ronald R.

John is a master of getting you beyond the next level, helping you think bigger than you might have, thinking out of the box, always with what’s best for the client at the heart of planning. I fully enjoyed two fully packed days at Orlando seminar, and only wished it might have been three days, so I could soak up more of John’s innovative mind!

Joel R.

Dear John – The seminar for producers is invaluable. The only problem is that we ran out of time. I truly believe it is a must for many reasons:

  1. To meet you in person
  2. To understand how to improve your skills
  3. A more thorough explanation of the different modules
  4. Update on marketing concepts
  5. Develop simple advanced problem solving skills and experience
  6. To meet other producers from around the country and develop relationships with people that are doing what we are all trying to do.

Thank you again.

Bradley Z.

I have had more than 1 year of experience in the field and have never seen such an intense seminar. This was truly packed with valuable information that an advisor should never be without. I believe the solutions program is a major breakthrough in the industry, and I see myself using this tool as the cornerstone of my career.

J. Cory. M

I came one board with John approximately one month before the seminar in Orlando and purchased his system. I had a few prospects in the past few weeks when I read all the info contained in the annuity selling system. I met with the prospects again and showed them what I could do with the assets that were on the table; I moved 1.2 million. When I went to the seminar in Orlando my eyes were opened on how the modules can help me even further. You just have to follow directions and apply yourself accordingly.

Chris J.


As a new agent to the annuities arena, I have always known what an annuity could be used for. Now I see that you program is the key to using them that is logical, but prudent for the buyer. This is what I have been looking for. I started investing in the market for myself and either broke even, lost money, or made just enough to cover the anxieties I faced on a daily basis. This program is something I can show to seniors and feel good about their safety and security and not worry about current market condition on Wall Street. Attending this seminar, I met individuals from different areas of the U.S. who talked about their various experience, methods, and used of your program. Your seminar was informative, creative, but intense with the realization that additional information would have to be learned before you could solve a problem from your various methods. Thanks for your time, your desire to help us and the shock value you project to wake us up to reality of selling. By the way, I just got off the phone with a lady who was asking if I knew anything about annuities, she has $17,500,000. I’ll be calling you.

Thomas H.

Dear John,

The seminar in Orlando was great! You bring the advisor through the process the way we need to be working with clients. All the information that you provided was excellent. I believe you truly want to mentor the agents that use your solutions program to become “super producers” that we can all be. Thank you for your passion and vision.

Rod S.

The program works very well when you are in front of people. I got the go ahead for over 500K last week.

Lee B.

My competition was Merr…(censored) and Wac…(censored) securities, and thanks to you and the solutions program, I had something different to share with the client and therefore stood head and shoulders above every other broker in town.

Bart D.


I have been in this business for 17 years and I thought I seen it all and heard all before, but boy I was wrong! Before I met you, I was the “ultimate skeptic”. After meeting you and being involved in your training seminar, I am the Ultimate Believer. Your passion and knowledge made me sit up and listen hoping I can one day achieve the level of your success. While you showed your tough, no non-sense attitude I realized it was for all the right reasons. You care about us and as human beings, you give me so many ideas on ways to become a “super producer,” and with your help and guidance, I am positive I will be there soon. Thank you.

Michael R.

Dear John,

A few words about the seminar in February: Your teaching style and message bring to mind “Occam’s Razor” which is the name for the 14th century theologian, William of Ockham. Like you, he was a major anti-nonsense guy who taught that one should “razor out” any extraneous things in all situation – the simpler the solution, the better. Never add to anything unless there is a very good reason for it. You showed us that while the solution to the case might not be all that fancy, what will be is the TRUTH because it’s pure math, not speculation, the truth is exactly what the client needs the most. You wield a mean anti-nonsense razor and you teach three core values: Elegantly simple, Bagwell’s Razor. Voila! Thank you for sharing your intelligence, experience and honesty, and for designing the solutions program and other modules. I would heartily recommend the program and your seminar to everybody, except my competition. Thanks a million John.

Call In’s K. called to tell me, “I moved 7600k on my first case.”

Tom D. called to let me know that he moved 75k + another 145k.

Steve H. called to let me know that he was seated on the plane with an IT executive, then showed the Solutions and the executive is interested in moving $20,000,000.

Kevin W. called to tell me: “You’re a fregin’ genius. I used a module to solve a qualified case for 460k.”

John C. said, “Just called to tell you that I moved another 130k last night. Plus, I have another 270k waiting to be moved. I wish I had the Solutions program years ago.”

David S. said, “I showed the Solutions for the first time and moved 90k. I’m 1 for 1.”

Paul B. said, “Just called to tell you that I made $50,000 commission this month, and it’s only the 23rd.”

Dante L. called to tell me that he did his first solutions for $900,000 and he did it after coming to Kansas City seminar. He had the system for 3 weeks.

Abu A. called to tell me he moved $8,000,000 plus using the program.

Jeffrey L. said, “Just moved 500k using the program.”

Ron B. called to tell me that his first seminar was a huge success.

Joseph M.

I have used the solutions that I am familiar with to produce over 2 million since I last met you.

Jerry S.

Dear John,

Thanks for giving me the privilege of attending the Orlando seminar. I have moved about $410,000 since buying into your concepts. This is only a slight “scratch on the surface” as I have just bought modules. I was also so dense to have waited so long.

Brian M.

Dear John,

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your efforts during the training in Orlando. Your attention to details along with your unique styles of teaching was most refreshing. Over the years I’ve been to many different training/seminar programs, but none was like yours! I only wish we had another day. You truly stand as a GIANT in a land of dwarves. I fact, your concepts are from another dimension. It is like being in another solar system. I have to say that you analytical insights are most refreshing and quite helpful. You are an annuity genius! Your program is a concise system which does the right things for our clients. I’m glad that you think “outside the box” and continue to offer new ideas and inventions each month. You have given me new hope and encouragement in realizing my true potential. I only wish U had met you and your ideas years ago. Best wishes!

Dave E.

Good morning Mr. Bagwell. First, let me thank you for creating such a terrific financial planning program and the opportunity for me to help my clients by protecting their assets and enhancing their income, as well as helping me enhance my own for my family. My first of four seminars is to be held this week, and I have over 140 people coming. I am extremely excited!

Bob C.

Dear John,

I thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know I did over $100,000 in commission this week alone with three appointments to GO. The numbers are almost embarrassing to discuss since Jan. 1st. I’m getting writer’s cramp. Thanks again for your continued support!

Larry R.

I sold my first $100,000 annuity yesterday and it paid a great commission. Thanks

Allen T.

I’m moving $800,000 into a Special Solutions design. Thanks for the help.

Ron R.


Just to let you know that one of my first proposals using the solutions approach just close and I am moving $275,000. Thanks.

Ronald C. R.

Update: What a couple of days this has been. I close $1,000,000 on Wednesday afternoon; $300,000 on Thursday afternoon; $500,000 this morning and $150,000 this afternoon using the program. Wow! What a great feelings it is to help these people their assets and income streams with what is best for them in the long run. Thanks again for the “common sense” approach.

Alisa K.

I have to tell you how GREAT having this program is. Every client I’ve shown it to absolutely can’t argue with the concept. I felt like I’m talking candy from a baby!


Joe B.


I had a great meeting for my first Solutions presentation, and the people told me this was the first time that had come to their home who addressed their needs so well. Thanks to the basic solutions illustration.

Stuart M.

Hi John,

I close a case today and it was for $1.8 million IRA conversion. I also have another case for a $2.5 million IRA. Thanks.

Bob H.

Paul B. and I moved $920,000 today with three of my customers and we have an appointment with another one of mine for $2.5 million. I think I’ve hit the “mother load” with you.

Call Ins:

Robert A. said that he has moved $650,000.

David J. said that he used the program three times, and sold three times.”

Joel R. said that he did his first solutions case for $200,000.

Bob C. said he did another 1.5 million!

Ron B. said, “We got 50 reservations with an over-flow of 20 extra reservations for the next seminar. My seminars are going to like gang-busters.”

Bart D. said he moved $400,000 in his very first solutions plus he got a nice referral for 1.3 million.

Mikes S. said he moved 5 million in the last 2 weeks using the program.

Allen H. said he moved $400,000 and he is very happy with the system.

Mathew Z. said that he is hoping to move another $500,000 this week using the system.

Rod S. said that he is so overwhelmed with the new business that he even got a case that he thought he would never get. He has done $600,000 this week alone and has another $500,000 waiting to be moved.

Harvey L. said he moved two $100,000 solutions. It was his very first cases.

David E. said that he had over 400 people attend his solutions seminar and the marketing is fantastic.

Richard G. said he made at least $40,000 in commissions using the program.

John S. said that he moved 2.5 million and it was his biggest case ever; it was all due to the solutions program.

John C.

Mr. Bagwell: Just moved $260,000 from a variable. Thanks.

Diane M.

I just wanted to tell you that I marketed my new company and I did 3 seminars at the end of March. So, I now had an opportunity to use the program and it’s GREAT! Thanks Mr. Bagwell.

J. Michael R.

Hi, John. Wanted to thanks so much for having such a capable, professional and courteous Administrative Assistant. She went out of her way to help with my reservations for Orlando seminar and my computer problem. She got on both situations immediately watch time I called and stayed with it until it was all resolved, then asked what else she could do to help me. No disembodied robots telling me to Press 1, the Press 13, the press 9, then speck into your show, then stand on your head and sing the Star Spangled Banner, at which time you will be redirected right back where you started from. These days, real humans talk to who does something for the customer, that’s a bloody miracle. You guys are real pro’s. Thanks a million!

Bill B.

I have been in the business for 15 years. The material is awesome. If a person can’t get 10 to 20 “great” ideas from the manual, they are in the wrong business.

Diane M.

She called to explain this, “Myself and my partner opened an office 1 ½ months ago and made $48,000 in commissions using the John’s program. The software is the best.

Bob H.

He called to explain this: “I received the system and have already written $500,000 with another $250,000 to pick-up and I have not even finished training yet.”

Randy H.

After the seminar in Orlando I made huge changes to my business.

Mathew Z.

John: I’m over $500k in commission through April 30th – really a quarter for me because I lost of time in January and I didn’t want to work as hard so that I could be there for Stephen. I came back with a vengeance and $2 million is a given. If I get my act, I could make $2.5 million. Next year $3 million.

Shirley A. H.

Our annuity production has increased dramatically since attending your seminars!

Michael P.

I have no doubt that this is the best money I have ever spent. I look forward to learning more in the coming weeks.

Brian J. B.

Good afternoon John. I recently purchased your system and would like to comment you on it. It certainly is a system that will connect with seniors.

Peter T.

Dear (Administrative Assistant).

I read the special mention about on the Administrative Assistant on the web site testimonials, I concur you do a special job there!

Al J.

I did my first solutions presentation Tuesday and it helped me move $93,000 on a 410k rollover.

Albert T.

We did a mailing of 2,700 locals and got a 1% response return.

Michael T.

Hello John. I have been impressed with the program and I am now representing myself as the retirement income specialist in the area. I just opened my own business after a few years in a major bank, so I looked hard before selecting a program to build my practice around. Thanks for the help.

Bernie G.

John, I want to thank you for the great 3 days of total education that I have not had in a very long time. Your system is incredible!

Bob H.


Thanks for your time and interest in me during the brief time we spent together this past weekend I really value your info and insights. I truly believe that I will be a super producer because of you! Looking forward to your next program and any other goodies you’ll be offering.

Al C.

I left San Antonio thinking “out-of-the-box” because of you. Think bigger in terms of $20-40 million annuities is an “infection” you are passing on. I believe in you. All I need to do is work 12 hours a day for 5 ½ days a week with the correct approach, skills, knowledge, and research plus the efficiency of the program. Whatever it takes to be a super producer I’ll do it! I’m very competitive. I was a ranger in Vietnam in 67 & 68. I hate to lose. I demand the best of myself. Whatever it takes is what I’m going to do.

Update: Hi John. Thanks for the “expanding my horizons!” because of that I just landed a $500,000 case. I am excited about the new software. Send me the new software at your earliest possible convenience because I can’t wait to get into full swing after all I learned at San Antonio. It was a great experience. I highly recommend it. Thanks.

Glenn H.

I appreciate the opportunity to attend the seminar in San Antonio this past weekend. There was a tremendous amount of usable, exciting information delivered. Just a footnote, we wrote that $600,000 case study we reviewed at your workshop.

Art P.


Here’s a testimonial. Within three days of attending the San Antonio workshop, I was able to close three sales for a total of $413,000. I also set-up an appointment to do a rollover for $287,000. I never would have been able to do this in the past. Thanks for the workshop. I look forward to the next one.

Rob S.

I know that given the time allotted, we really did crank it leaving me wanting more. Overall the class really focused me on what I want my practice to be. The new program is too sweet. I know for sure that keeping focused will increase my income and allow me to help my clients. When is the next seminar? I will be there for sure!

J. Michael R.

Just a quick word to thank you for a great San Antonio seminar: This is my second seminar in a row, as you know both were terrific. The roll-out of the new software was off the charts! The pre-release look at the new software were all far beyond what I expected. On top of eclipsing the previous solutions program. One thing that you give that may be as valuable as anything is the “beware of this mistake” stuff that you guys just of casualty toss out here and there. You’ve kept me from making some mistakes that might have been extremely costly down the road and that was priceless. The other thing you “hammer home” is the admonition “to do the right thing” for the client and you will prosper. If people take that advice, we’ll all be better off in the long run. I am extremely grateful for the generosity in sharing all your knowledge and experience with us. Thanks again!

Dave G.

Hi John. I would like to thank you for opening the door to countless opportunities that will launch my career to the next level of production. Over the ways, I have wasted thousand of dollars on bullshit marketing seminars and programs that never produced the results that we advertised. Your methodical approach to apply sound and safe planning concepts is brilliant. Your new software is unbelievable and I can’t wait to receive it! Your seminar as the best investment I have ever made for my career! Three days is still not enough to cover everything you offer. I will look forward to your future seminars and apply your marketing ideas. I have been so pumped up since returning from San Antonio, I can’t wait to have my first seminar and implement various secondary marketing strategies you designed. Thanks John. I look forward to a long-term mutually rewarding relationship with you and your organization.

Ed H.

I did want to let you know I appreciate the information you relayed to the group, and I am looking forward to applying some of the strategies you discussed. I feel that I am very fortunate to have found this wonderful tool that you have provided. Saying thank you sounds very inadequate and does not adequately express my gratitude. But THANK YOU. Over the 29 years I have been in the business of ours, your system is the only comprehensive, user friendly system I have ever encountered. What a boom this is to my business. Thanks for your effort!

Rich M.

John: The San Antonio Seminar brings one out of the dark ages into the 21st century! I have both a BA Degree and a Master’s Degree, but the seminar was shoulders above the two combined. This is not the next level, but the “top rung” of the ladder. It doesn’t get better than this. I will rely on you for years to come. And I thank you for what you already done and will push me to do more. I said thank you, but it seems so insignificant for what you have done. I will plan to attend at least one of your seminars every year, now that I know the value they have.

Vicki D.

Hello John. Thank you for the most informative, inspiring seminar I have ever been to. My sales have increased from the prior seminars, but this seminar, I realized the mistakes I have been making and have already called one prospect to them again, and have made the sale. I wish you will.

Sean M.


Great seminar in San Antonio: The hotel was great, the food was great, and the information was incredible! My biggest take away from the seminar was realizing the huge potential market available to us as owners of the program! Before I thought of years when I would like to do 6 figures in commission, then I discovered the solutions and looked forward to high six figures. Now with the information I have gained in San Antonio, I see there is virtually no limit on my earnings.

Allen T.

Dear John,

Thanks for yet another powerful seminar. The more that I think I know about the business, the more that I am reminded of how much that I have to learn. There are so many fine points on which to improve in my basic marketing of the solutions for seniors, and such a HUGE opportunity in other markets that I will soon begin to market. Here’s looking at your new program!

Ron F.

Hello John: The seminar in Texas was awesome. I have been in the business for 15 years and I have to say the new software, is the best I have ever seen. I also appreciate the time spent on different marketing strategies. I will take this information and double my income in the next 12 months. Thanks so much John!

Mike L.

Dear John,

I wanted to take a moment and five you my thoughts on your training in San Antonio, and how it has had an immediate impact on my business. First, having just learned some new strategies to apply to the solutions program this weekend and the corresponding tax reduction features, I was able to implement a $550,000 solution for a new client 3 days after coming home. The solutions solved a major problem for this client and they couldn’t have been happier. That on case more than compensated me many times over for the investment I made to attend your training. Cost should never be an issue. Second, your marketing strategies beyond seminars have given me a clear track to run on. You have shown me how to target very specific markets that I never knew existed. Finally, I am excited about the new software and the level of sophistication and expertise you have put into developing it. It truly is top of its class. It will help me become the “big dog” in my neck of the woods. Thanks for investing your time with us. I know you don’t have to or need to, but we wall appreciate it.

Dan F.

Hi John. Just a note to say thanks again for the seminar San Antonio. I guess something must have got through to me because I sold two clients the next week. One for $11k but the second was for $650,000! The program works!

Brain D.

What a seminar! The best I’ve been to in a long time! I guess there were about 50 producers from all around the country, many of whom were using the system. What impacted me most was the number of successful producers you train. They were able to share their successes and I was convinced that the your program shall be the only marketing plan I will use. John Bagwell, however modest he may be just kidding, is a mathematical genius and his had no tolerance for “slouches.” I guarantee if you work with him, and you put forth your best effort, you will be widely successful. Although not fully released yet, his new software program is the next generation software that blows all others out of the water. You just can’t believe what is awaiting for you should you sign-up for this software. It is absolutely incredible. You’ve got to sign-up for his monthly super producers team, where John produces monthly ideas on marketing. He is way ahead of his competitors! I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Get on the phone and call him, but not if you if you live and work near me.

J. Cory M.

As always, the info was very good and the software is awesome! The mad scientist has struck again! Thank you for your efforts to help improve our lives.

P.S. – John, you remind me of the OZ, the character who yelled out orders to be the scarecrow, the tine man, lion, and Dorothy. “Go out and do as I tell you, if you want to go to the land of milk and honey! I’m the Great and Powerful OZ!”

Eli M.

Hey John. Just wanted to drop you a message to say: “BIG THANKS for your efforts all the way around.” the new software is incredible and I can’t wait to get my hand on it! After attending your three day training session, I would highly recommend this curriculum to anyone who is serious about doing the best job possible for their clients in developing SOLUTIONs. Your insight into the fixed annuity arena is remarkable! And obviously, you couldn’t find a better coach in using the program to its fullest potential for the client’s benefit. Again, thanks for the focus in making sure we agents stay in compliance and err on the side of conservatism to insure a long and prosperous career.

Rene C.

The annuity selling conference was an excellent investment of time and money to improve my skills. It has already paid huge dividends! Thank you.

Steve C.

John: In 2 days since the seminar, 3 cases were opened up on the idea for a total of $310,000. They are not closed yet, but based on the response from these 3 prospects, they should be soon. The San Antonio seminar information was a catalyst to get out and make a difference in people’s financial picture. Thanks John for sharing your ideas!

Al J.

Dear John,

I thoroughly enjoyed the volume of information you shared with us at the San Antonio seminar. I had just purchased the system as you know. I have looked at myriads of other systems in trying to find the way reach my dreams and goals. Some of the other systems are based on selling trusts to everyone, doing Medicaid planning, or using scare tactics and so on. Some of these would have made me feel sleazy. My dream has always been to find a way to TRULY help my clients and look out for THEIR best interests, so I could enjoy satisfaction from my work while being paid well for my efforts. My understanding of the program was clarified greatly at the seminar. I feel being able to “save” them from risk, save them from running out of money, save them on taxes, and increase their income and is truly helping my clients. The strategy is even more exciting. This helps my clients in a massive way and I have not heard of ANYONE else doing this or even hinting of the concept in my whole area. I want to get rolling on this as a secondary marketing effort. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of meeting you after talking to you repeatedly on the phone and I was not disappointed. You are what you say you are, and you have been in the trenches and as a result understand where each of us is at. We appreciate you. Thanks again.

John T.

I came away from the workshop with a much bigger picture of what is possible with the new software program. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, so that no one in my area will be able to compete with my partner and I. It will set us apart from those in our area who have “dabbled” with what your program can do. I know that you marketing ideas for attracting new clients will take me from under $200,000 commission a year and drive me to the high six figure level in the next 12 to 18 months! Thank you again for all you do to help us agents succeed in this enterprise. If you weren’t there for us, where would we be? And where would the clients we’ve helped with our concepts end up? What you have done will help me create one heck of a legacy for my family, while protecting and growing the legacies of the many clients we serve with great joy.

Jeff D. G.

John – Thank you for a great workshop! Going there for three days helped fill in many of the gaps that I had. After getting home, I filled my “pipeline” with more than $1,000,000 in potential business. Closed $627,000 of it today! Thanks. Can’t wait for new program! Thank you for all you do!

Call Ins:

Ron F. said that he made $66,000 in commission this month.

Dan H. said he moved $450,000 today.

Stephan P. said he received 20 reservation and 9 buying units and 36 reservations for a second seminar. In the third seminar he had 80 reservations.

Anthony C. called to tell me that he moved his very first solutions for $120,000.

Steve H. called to tell me that he has done 3 seminars and has more business than he can “shake a stick at.”

John S. called to tell me that he got 130 reservations from one solicitation.

Vicki D. said that she did a seminar and the prospects were making appointments. It was the best seminar ever!

Jeff G. said that in the last 3 days he has acquired a case for $700,000.

Andy S. said that he made $53,000 in commission from my first seminar.

John C. said that he moved $782,000 in an IRA case and then he made another 12k using the program. And last month, he made 27K.

Dick G. said he moved 6 to 7 million in the last 12 months all by himself. He is proof that the system works. He says, “If he can do it, anyone can!”

Paul B. said he just moves $1,000,000 and then Pat just moved 1.5 million on his second appointment in his career.

Rod S. said he moved over $1,000,000 in the last 2 months using the program and has $300,000 to $400,000 in the works.

Joseph Z. called to tell me that the system worked great. He added, “I am a pessimistic person by nature, but your system is very impressive”

Bob H. said he moved $800,000 with 2 million to go. He had the program for 4 weeks.

John P. said, “Your personal coaching makes this program great!”

Peter M. said he moved $5,000,000 in the last 12 months using the program.

Irl G. said he just moved $700,000 using one of the secondary marketing campaigns!

Dave B. said he moved $1,200,000 on his very first case using the program.

Mike P. said, “This is the greatest I’ve ever seen and I’ve been in the business for 7 years.”

Skip C.

The seminar was fun and fast. It wore me out! Lots of information in a short period of time. The second day home, I wrote a $70,000 annuity. In addition, a retired police officer wants to move $425,000. Life’s a bitch!

Byron B.

Hello John,

Just a short note to say, WOW! I’ve been to many workshops over the years but this was by far the most informative, highest quality and most unique seminar I have ever experienced. John truly is one of a kind. He showed his expertise, and showed the new software program that will soon be out. This program will, without reservation help more agents, make more money than any program ever before!

Steve C.

John you are absolutely the best guy in the profession whom I have met. You know your stuff and is willing to share it and how to implement it. I have been with Piece… and tried NF…, GS…, Tarke…, and your system is the best. I have known you a while and I have to admit, it finally hit me: what the solutions really does for people ad my income exploded! I can hardly wait to get the new software program. Take care and God Bless.

Joel R.

John – At age 26 I was featured in a book called “Marketing to the Affluent” by Thomas D. Stanley who since published “The Millionaire Next Door.” I was immature and making too much money too fast. In 1988, after being recruited heavily by other firms I took in a nice six figure bonuses and a mental downfall after refusing to go into management in 1991. I could hardly get myself into my office as I had no direction, business plan, or confidence in what I was selling. When I discovered you and your program, it made so much sense and reminded me of my original career which was focused on fixed return investments. The only difference was yours is a plan and has focus. Focus is hard for me, but I know it is exactly what I need. The bottom line John, I believe your program can save people’s financial lives and there is no better way to go. I actually believe someone is an idiot if they do not to use your program! I believe I could compete with a planner who graduated from Harvard, and if the focus is arranging assets to reduce liability and maximize returns without risk, then I should not lose. I know this will be the best things I have ever done and want this to be my career for the rest of my life. Thank you John for creating the program and having the foresight to figure a profitable way to make them available to people like myself. I believe your program will help me.

Rick T.

Dear John: Thank you for the best and most simple sales tool I have ever seen I the 8 year I have been practicing financial planning. Your logic and simplicity is refreshing to see. I forward to executing the solutions program in my practice.

Mark Y.


I just wanted to give you a quick note. I presented my first solutions today. It was the easiest sale I have ever done in my 14 years. We moved a total of $377,000 today without questions. Later this week, we will be moving another $400,000. Your system is great!

William W.

Just like to thank you for your program. Last year my prediction was about $1,200,000 in annuities as so far this month I did $900,000 and I’m going to close on $300,000 in the next couple of weeks

Tom T.

John Bagwell: Last week I closed my first sale (115k) using your software program. Additionally, I am working on another $200,000 with a client.

Administrative Testimonial (Geoff S.)

I really appreciate your cheer that you always give and I believe that you should get a medal for all your efforts at customer service and how your represent your employer.

Jeff G.

Things have gone very well lately. I moved 1.2 million last month and it is just getting better. Thanks.

Michel J, P.

I have no doubt this is the best dollars I have ever spent. I look forward to learning more in the coming weeks, as well as utilizing more of your modules.

Bob F.

I am overwhelmed with the wealth of information you provide in the manual.

John W.


I purchased your system about two years ago. I held a seminar, filled the room, and ended up making $15,000. Please send me your recommendations.

Jeff G.

John: Thank you for you time yesterday. The appointment went off without an issue. This appointment gave me the confidence, through your coaching to pick apart proposal. Her parting words for me were, “This is so simple to understand.” Thanks again!

Bart N.

I just close a $300,000 account after my first presentation and I am going to use some of the commission to start doing seminars.

Phil C.

My appointment yielded about $200k. Have a great weekend because I sure will!

Call Ins:

Jerry S. moved $200k using my system.

Tim V. said, “You’re the smartest man in the annuity arena by far!”

Ron F. said that he made $60,000 commission in June because of the San Antonio seminar.

Dave G. said, “I have never seen clients so interested in a seminar format before. Your system is great!”

John C. said that the second time using my program landed him a sale.

Ray H. said, “Your program has made me a “ton of money!” I have no competition. I can’t wait to get my hands on the software program!”

Steven R. H.

Dear John,

Your program is beyond belief! Clients love it and embraced it. The new seminar is producing more than two times the average amount of premium per sale.


Have looked at many B.S. marketing companies in the last 1 ¾ years. Paid GT…, Larry…, College…, and Cash… all promising the moon and delivered something else. John’s system promises and delivers. No B.S. here. Received the system and used it to close $282,000 within two weeks. Then I purchased the program and now I’m at the seminar in Denver, what a show! Best training in the world! The software will show me how to blow B.S. marketers & competitors away. Have to go back to the above client & pick-up $200,000 more. In the first two weeks signing-up with John I have close $323,000. What a deal. I have never had that kind of production immediately in any other endeavor. It blows other so-called marketers away, the ones that steel my money and did not do one thing for me. Thank you John.

David G.

I originally began with John’s program in Feb. and attended the San Antonio seminar. Initially I believed that the solutions program was the best marketing program I have ever purchased which provided my clients with advanced and sound planning solutions for their retirement planning goals & objectives. I thought John’s program could not be improved any more, but his new program blows the roof off anything else. The software is so advanced and sophisticated yet it breaks solutions down into simple presentations to provide much needed retirement solutions that they will never see from my competitors. This is fantastic! Thank you John for creating so many opportunities!

Aurthor A. P.

Using the John’s software I was able to write $602,000 annuity premium.

Jerry I.

John ,

Here is what my latest new client told me after I showed them your program: “You mean we put in this much amount of money? We like that! We had agents and brokers before, but you’re the first professional.”

David N.

I think what I liked most about this seminar was the lack of “fluff” and getting down to the business of being business. I was most surprised at how my future success would be supported, even to the point of being given the opportunity of receiving a mentor and a personal coach. How crucial and supportive is that?

Barry L.

Dear John,

The Denver seminar was excellent! Using John’s program, I wrote a $325,000 non-qual case that was extremely simple to explain and close. The gentleman was tired of risking his principal. Thanks specially for the case studies and the solution demonstrations. The marketing ideas were excellent and I have my first appointment next week. An excellent seminar with a first class organization.

Mitch M.

John, thanks for the seminar in Denver. You provided a wealth of education in marketing and seminar presentation. I don’t know how anyone could attend without enhancing their income potential.



Didn’t really get an opportunity to tell you, personally, how much I appreciate the professional level you have provided me to take my business to. What initially “sold me” were the testimonials on your website. I’m familiar with several of your past users by reputation and respect their opinion. I always wondered what their secret was and now I know. The Denver meeting was all I expected and more. What specifically impressed me were the past users in attendance who have been working with you had nothing but great feedback on how much you increased their production and now are moving into new software program. I’ve been in this business 20 plus years and you hear all of the promises and “rah rah” garbage from other seminar selling systems and FMO’s. You delivered. Thank you for not wasting my time. You have elevated this industry from crayons to master thesis caliber that I again fee proud to be part of. It’s long overdue. Many, many thanks!

Bayani I.

Hey John,

That was the best 3 days that I’ve spent at a seminar so far in my career. Thank you for the invaluable information and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Clifton O.

John, I returned from the Denver seminar on Sunday evening and on Monday flew to Texas and presented the new solution. After seeing it, there was no competition. I picked up a check on the spot that evening for $1 million and will likely be moving another $1.2 million before the end of the month from the same client and family members. Do you think the new software has impact? Thank you for providing this solution for us. It is THE winner!

S. M. D.

Mr. Bagwell – I was thoroughly impressed with the information you presented in Denver. I look forward to using it in the near future.

John H.


The Denver seminar was outstanding! I am still overwhelmed with all the great marketing ideas that were presented. I can’t wait to get out there and show the new software to my prospects. Thanks for a great weekend, and a job well done!

Ronald H.

Hello John. Thanks for the best training I have ever seen in our profession. I have been to many others, but I have never heard the word “genius” applied to any but yours. The system is destined to entirely remake my practice and I am “chomping at the bit” to schedule my first seminar.

Mike S.

Your insight into the affluent and the “movement of money” is quite spectacular. You are the foremost fixed annuity expert in the U.S., if not the world I thank you for myself, and my family who are both benefactors of the knowledge you so freely share. Thanks again John!

Brian R.

John, I attended this weekend’s seminar in Denver and I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the experience very much. I like you style and approach as it matches mine very well. Thanks again for this impressive insight into where the business is going.

Bob F.

Hello John. You depth of knowledge and creativity is amazing! I still have a lot to learn, being a newbie in the annuity arena, but I know enough to realize as I master the system. Thank you. And I look forward to continuing to learn from you.

David R.

Dear John,

Thank you for being so committed on helping me grow my business. Just one statement, and your absolute belief in it, was worth the whole price of the seminar. I always had conviction, but your conviction is contagious. The information you provided has already helped me to convince at least two clients is more important than speculating on what might happen in the market. I am already making plans for attending your February seminar in Boston, because I am convinced I will gain more conviction. I am glad you are on my team. Thanks again. And I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jerry I.

Dear John,

You have given me a specific path to follow to achieve unparalleled success. John, you know I’m hungry for this. Just like seniors are tired of losing in the market, I’m tired of mediocrity. I’m working at 10% of my capacity. But your intense system leads to enormous change. I am much more focused and confident after this weekend. Even though you work with so many people, John, I get your caring and personally, that means so much to me. Thanks again.

Steve H.

Dear John,

I am glad I spent the time and money to attend your seminar in Denver last weekend I feel it will be a weekend that will change my life forever. I am new to your system and had never seen the software operate until the seminar. I attended with anew laptop computer on which the software had just been loaded. Too often in this industry, people over promise and under deliver. Your software was very impressive. I found time to speak with some producers who have been using your system. Some had been using it for a few months, some for a few years. They all loved the software. Speaking with these producers convinced me that you had not over-promised what I could expect to experience using your system. I also learned that my vision of this business was too simplified. It not just the software and the direction of marketing, but it is the higher level of professionalism that you teach us to achieve. Your system helps us to separate ourselves from the competition, but only if we make a commitment to becoming a knowledgeable advisor. I have a tremendous opportunity to make enough money in the next 5-10 years to become financially independent for the rest of my life. This is what I have always hoped to find. Now that I have found it, it is up to me to make the most of this opportunity. Thanks again for making things possible.

Rod S.

I started to see things through different eyes by the time Friday evening came around I was seeing how I could increase my income by 100k without spending more time working. I would highly recommend to any agent and go through the 2 day seminar. Since getting home I will redesign my marketing for the next year and I am sure I will double my commission. Thank you.

Al C.

Hi John. Your program is terrific! I can’t wait for your new program! It allows me to talk to the accountant attorney and owner as a true expert with confidence! Thank you for helping me secure my future!

Kirk G.

John, wow! What a program. This has my mind whirling! My income is going to triple.

Rick E. T.


Great job on the new software. I had a chance to work with it a bit today and was able to show a future client a bit of it. The deal would have dead with out it. Thanks a bunch!

Peter T.

Congratulations on an awesome achievement. The new program is everything I hoped it would be and more! It is light years ahead of other programs. I am looking forward to seeing your new program.

Jeff A.

I was excited when I first heard of the program sometimes in May of this year. When I downloaded the program, I was amazed that it all came together. The seminar clarified some grey areas I had with the solutions. It also gave me a chance to network with other users and their success. I’m looking forward to new releases and ideas. I know this will change not only my sales, but my life. Thanks again John. You do not know how much we appreciate being associated with you. No bull shit.

Paul W.

John, I want to thank you for truly outstanding seminar! Your insights were invaluable. The marketing information and marketing tips you shared were extremely useful and practical. What you taught us about marketing demographics, marketing niches, and marketing strategies made the entire 3 days very worthwhile. Then when you unveiled the new program and I was astounded! You have exceeded my greatest expectations! I am convinced that these invaluable planning tool will enable be to succeed and perform at production levels I have only dreamed about in the past. It was truly a pleasure to get to know you in person. It is refreshing to learn from someone who has excelled and mastered our business the way that you have. I’ve never met anyone who has as much credibility in our profession as you do. This seminar has been one of the best highlights of my career. I know that in the future I will regard this weekend as the milestone where my business began to succeed beyond my wildest expectation. I am very grateful to you for making it possible for me to dramatically improve the quality of life of my wife, children, and grandchildren. The gift of knowledge and understanding is a gift beyond measure! And the fun is just beginning. Two days after your seminar, I presented a retirement solution prospective clients who are ready to move $884,000! I’m eager to show this couple solution next week! Again, thank you very much!

Call In’s:

Kirk G says, “Your program is awesome.”

Jerald A. L. says, “I think your software is fantastic. This software is the best thing that has happened for the annuity arena. In my first case using the program, I moved $885,000.”

John W. I received 250 reservations for his first seminar.

Phil C. says, “The response from my program is phenomenal!”

Donna M.


The Denver seminar was great! You provided a wealth of information. Being new to the annuity market, I am thankful to have your program. It allows me to provide the best solution for clients with confidence. I am on the way to achieving great success with the use of your program! Thanks for all the support.

Colin M.


You did an extremely thorough job of explaining the program and all of the marketing that goes with it. It was definitely one of the best workshops I have attended. I already scheduled my first seminar and have implemented some of the non-seminar marketing you presented. I am looking forward to new software program. Thanks for your commitment to you business.

Edgar C.

I first bought John’s software a couple of years ago, and I was trading stock options in my spare time, I was not really sold on fixed annuities myself, and had only sold two small one that fell into my lap. The program intrigued me, but I never developed that serious motivation to do anything with it. I’m sure glad I didn’t ask for my money back, because a couple of years later, disillusioned with losses in the market, and frustrated with long-term care and life insurance sales, yet resisting the pressure of associates to become securities licensed and push variable annuities, along came John’s email about his new software and the Denver seminar. The new software is awesome, but the seminar is invaluable. I believe success with this system is like a three legged stool. Leg one is your own attitude, motivation, and conviction. Leg two includes the software. And leg three is training. Leave out a leg, and you’ll likely fall on your butt. I’m now studying for my RIA and have made my first presentation to a high net worth individual that would have been very intimidating without John’s program. His wife had bought $100,000 EIA that he did not understand. I printed put a few seminar slides in a notebook and took my laptop. He’s now viewing annuities favorably, and wants to follow-up. This was a big confidence builder for and really demonstrated the power of the program.

Clifford R. C.


The Denver meeting was the best annuity selling seminar that I have attended. The additional training on your program the multitude of other selling and marketing ideas will make me a lot of money. Looking forward to working with your organization.

Dan G.


You have done it again! The Denver seminar was a full house of top producers. Your lecture on advanced and state-of-the -art market training is unique to you, which is very important in today’s world. There just isn’t anyone better at keeping us informed on what is really important. Your new generation software will set us apart from the competition. We will be the competition. Thank you.

S. H.

Hey John,

Outstanding session in Denver! You see and hear a lot of the same garbage in the annuity seminar circles. It’s getting more and more time consuming to wade through the time wasters and “out and out LIARS” promoting their version of the “end all and beat all system.” I read the testimonials sections of your web page before I became prey to another hype job. Several of the names, I recognized by reputation I even called one expecting him to verbally beat up your program. He had nothing but complete respect and good things today about you and the system which is very unusual. The normal response goes something like, “Yeah, I bought it, it didn’t really work so I’m back to my old method.” This guy attributes his considerable success to your system. Two years ago, his production was mediocre. Now it’s in the serious tens of millions. When a promoter promotes himself, it’s expected. When the end-users by the hundreds offer up positive feedback with REAL names and real email addresses, so they can be contacted to verify the claims, that’s all I need to hear. You are a credit to the business. Many, many thanks.

Art P.


Thanks for the Denver seminar. I found it to be an extremely good use of my time, because of the in-depth explanation of the software. It is much easier to use and understand what you are doing. Even with all the assistance you give us over the phone and it is much more effective to spend a focused weekend understanding how everything comes together. If any agent is serious about their profession, and they are using your software, they will have to attend the net training. John, as a result of the weekend training, I write two annuities for $387,000 and $155,000. I have also been referred to a client’s CPA. The CPA referred me to a $160,000 annuity. Not a bad week. Thanks for all your help. I look forward to your next meeting.

Allen T.

John, I just got a call from a client from my last seminar. He’s moving forward with my proposal, my biggest solution so far ($1,800,000), Thanks to you my friend, my life is changing, and helping my clients tremendously in the process.

Al J.


As mentioned to you , I had tried working with several seminar systems to no avail, that promise ready access to the main producers, only to find out that most of the time they were very aloof. Instead of helping me they made me feel even more like “crap” than I did before I called for help. The times I have talked to you, you have always seemed genuinely interested in trying to help and I truly appreciate that and I just want to take a minute to thank you again. I appreciate you and your concern for people.

Carl O.

John – First off, thanks for taking the time on the phone earlier today to spend time helping me start getting up to speed on the program and some marketing. I really appreciate the support and I am looking forward to the process of getting good at this.

Richard C.

By the way, I just did my first seminar last night using your program, and I have several appointments that have interest in the solutions program. Thanks.

Al C.

Hi John. The new software definitely does that talking for me, and I can’t wait for next version! It gives me the credibility without saying I’m from Merr…(censored) or Dea…(censored).

Call Ins

Rick T. says, “I have written 1 million in the first month using my program.”

Brooks B. said that he really liked the new software.

Kirk G. said the new software is great!

Al J. says, “John’s is the greatest.”

Steve L. says, “Right after your Denver seminar I sold $880,000 on one case using the program, and sold 1.5 total for that month. I have made $85,000 in commission so far using John’s program.”

Joe B. says, “I did my first case for $240,000 in transferable assets. John’s program is fantastic!”

Frank D. says, “I showed a solution to one person and moved $300,000.”

Rob R. says, “All the stuff in John’s program is so exciting. This is really great stuff! I checked out the program in 10 hours. I am totally impressed!”

Todd A. says, “I like new program, it has made me ton of money.”

Marcia S. says, “My very first case, I moved $1.1 million using John’s system.”

Richard says, “I’ve been up since 12 midnight looking at your software. I’ve been looking for this my whole career!” Richard moved $1.7 million on his first case.

David M. says, “Moved $330,000 on his very first case using John’s system.”

Abhijit S.

I bought your software a couple months ago and I am loving it. Great stuff! Thank you.

Mark Y.

John, we moved just under a million this week! That’s $6,000,000 since July.

Richard C.


This inquiry has been long time in coming, but alas it’s here! I attended the February seminar and found you to be as straight forward and blunt about all matters as anyone I’ve associated with in the business world and I thank you for that trait. I think of you as “the Nostradamus” of the annuity world. As to the secondary marketing system. WOW! Where do I start? Thank you.

Jerry I.

Hi John,

Hi John. Things are getting better. I did my first PAM seminar in September and have commitments on $800,000 in rollovers. I have other prospects from the seminar in the pipeline too. About 50% of the attendees signed up for consultation that evening and so far I’m closing about 50% of the prospects.

Call Ins:

Steve L.

Moved $660K yesterday, made $100,000 in commission last month using John’s program. The seminar is happening! The software is great. I’m going to take a small vacation. How many agents do you know John that can buy $1.8 million dollar house after 3 months of getting your system?

Peter M. moved 5 million using John’s program last year.

Brian Singer moved $240,000 in the first 3 weeks owning John’s system.

Carl E. S.

Dear John,

I know this email is long overdue. I would like to thank you for the seminar you put on. The seminar surrounding the solutions has increased my activity and size of our sales. We plan on doing two seminars a month for 10 months next year. Thanks again!

Kirk G.

John – Dear Master – Your expertise on helping our clients is fantastic. Your program is a money machine for anyone who chooses to use it! John tells it like it is, something no other seminar presenter has ever told us. John lays out the track, and now it is up to us to put out the effort, sharpen or skills and make it happen. Thanks John

Lisa H.

The San Francisco seminar as great! Three days of incredibly useful information. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. Thanks John.


Fantastic seminar! The wealth of information is incredible! It was truly inspiring.

David C.

Dear John,

I really want to thank you for a truly excellent program in San Francisco for it really helped me to see what I’m doing wrong and how by making just a few necessary changes I can really increase my sales.


Keith P.

Dear John,

I have been to many seminars over the last 12 years, and your seminar in SF was SECOND TO NONE! I am very impressed with your new software. I have never seen anything quite like it in my career. The information that I gained and the application of your software in designing proprietary retirement plans will help me double and triple my production immediately. I hope no one believes this, since I want to be the only one in my area to use this system in my area. I want to be able to clean house before my competition gets here. So I hope no one believes this testimonial. Too bad for your sales, if they don’t believe me!

Linda R.


Thank you for the countless hours you have spent creating and further developing your program. I was impressed with the solutions and did not think there was much room for improvement but somehow you have managed to further develop an already valuable program.

Stephen S.


As far as seminar last week, you are the best! I have attended other seminars in the part and paid good money for them. These other seminar “gurus” did not provide factual information like you did and over charged us for their non-sense! You’re a winner! And people like to associate themselves with “winners!” Thanks again for truly outstanding seminar, and I’m looking forward to your next one!

Steve C.


The San Francisco seminar was incredible. I now have a better understanding of what it takes to arrive at the primary solution. The software is incredible. I know I will blow my competition away! In fact the day after the seminar, I asked my client if she had at least $50,000 in liquid assets like an IRA, savings account, or a CD. She said she did and asked me why. I explained. She said, “I have $85,000 in a 410K, can you do something with that? I just retired a few months ago and have been putting off doing something with it.” I just smiles, John, I’m going to make a fortune now, all thank to you.

2nd Testimonial – John, there is no doubt you deliver a passion filled seminar after practicing, drilling, and reviewing “The Primary Solution.” It became clear that your program is superior to anything I’ve ever seen before. Then Bam, your new program is even better than the last! All I can say, “It’s incredible!” You must attend your seminar!

Chris K.

Dear John,

The seminar was worth every penny. After attending your seminar, I realized that I had never received the basic/advanced sales training that you provided. I had always been trained to do the analysis and show fancy reports. Your program makes our selling easier, and better to understand. Thank you so much! You have revolutionized the financial industry. And I’m glad I can be on for the ride. Thank you so much.

Joseph H. B.


As a new agent, I thought the San Francisco seminar was fantastic. I was licensed and held my first seminars in August. I was being guided by a friend in the business that writes $4 – 5 million a year and had targeted the lower to middle income with a presentation geared to that audience. Even though I wrote $300,000 in annuity premium from those seminars and should close another $700,000. Your seminar showed me ways in which I will be able to blow the competition away. Your program combined with your outstanding seminars are just the tools I needed to target the upper income sector. In doing so, I am confident my future seminars will produce greater return for time, effort and dollars spent. I am now resetting my goals, and I am excited to get rolling with the new software program.

William H.

Dear John,

I want to thank you for the agent training seminar in San Francisco last weekend. I found it extremely worthwhile, nothing less than a road trip to reinvent my business and take it to the next level. Your program is very profound and will catalyze the transition from simply selling EIA products to offering comprehensive retirement solutions. I particularly appreciate the depth of experience that you bring to the table. It gives me real comfort that you are really putting the welfare of your agents and their clients ahead of everything else. Thanks again.

Caroline A.

Dear JOHN,

Having only been in the business a short time, I think I am quite fortunate that I found your program so early in my career. I find the whole concept very exciting and can’t wait to start implementing it! It was a great weekend. Very well done. Bravo!

C.s A

Wow, what a seminar! This seminar really opened my eyes to the potential that awaits me. I’ve been in the property and casualty business for over 16 years and have done very well. However, because of your program, I’m certain I can make a greater income in one year using John’s program that took me 16 years to develop. Thanks.

Eric L.

Dear John, I was surprised that no over-all evaluation of the three day event in San Francisco was requested, so here is mine, unasked for. You know the old Mark Twain story, Encounter with an Interviewer, which ends with a newspaper headline “Deranged Old Man Lost in Local Hotel, Harmless if Not Roused Up?” My headline might be “Irascible Genius Lost in Local Holstery”, in short I loved it. I used to work from NF… and have even seen presentations by many different organizations. I say that, to let you know that I do have a basis for comparison. It reminds me of when the schooner “America” entered the Isle of Wight race in the presence of Queen Victoria and as so far ahead at the finish, that the Queen asked, “Who is second?” The reply was, “You majesty, there is no second.” What struck me was the professionalism and the content of the presentation. I have seen as thorough an analysis of the annuity arena. The concern for the client’s interest was so clearly the prime directive vs. all other I have seen, it confirmed my desire to work with you.

Chuck B.

I thought the seminar was excellent and I learned a tremendous amount. I’m impressed with your approach and the way your software supports the client’s best interests. I’m excited about closing more business because of the time spent this weekend at the seminar.

Jay W.

Whew! That was pretty intense, and I truly mean a life changing experience!

Nathan A.


My main goal in attending the seminar was to speed-up my learning curve on the software, and how to present it to clients. What I came away with from the seminar has completely exceeded my expectation. To experience a paradigm shift in one’s thinking is an entirely different matter. John helped me raise the bar to stratospheric levels in regard to my income and approach to this business. I came away from the seminar with an extremely high level of confidence in my ability to translate this new found knowledge into moving millions in assets and building a business. Thanks for the ground breaking weekend!

Judy R. C.

I think your program is by far the best program I have ever seen in all my 14 years in the business. I am really anxious to get started with my upcoming seminar and becoming “the advisor” for my area. The entire training was superb!

Andrew P.


Thank your for the best 3 days of learning “outside the box ideas,” and mentoring that I’ve ever experienced in my 10 year career. From A to Z, you covered it all. I’m excited to show your new program to my client and prospects that need to see “The Primary Solution.” This will be a significant key to a secure retirement for my valued clients. Thanks again.

Ken N.

“The most comprehensive and explosive material I have ever been exposed to in my 30+ years in the financial services industry.”

John C.

I just moved $300,000 on Saturday morning.

Bish W.

The three days in San Francisco were mind blowing! The seminar filled in all the gaps and gave me the information I need to move forward in this field. John, you have created the ideal tool for moving annuities. Thanks a million.

Jerry L., Jr.


I have been in the insurance industry for the past 12 years and have attended & purchased many different “annuity marketing program.” I have provided annuity training for agents for the past 8 years with an emphasis on product knowledge and safety of principal and been very successful. What makes the your system unique is the software, by using this tool even an average agents is able to “bridge the gap” between selling products and providing easy to understand solution for their senior clients. One of my new agents held his first seminar the day before San Francisco meeting and is writing his first client for $440,000, I only wish I had met you sooner!

Steven C.

You can conclude with mathematical certainty, hard work and knowledge will get you close to success, and attitude will get you there, but it’s the solution that will put you over the top. Class dismissed.

Rob S.

Because of John’s program, I have 3.9 million on the books. I love you man!

Ron H.

I had my first seminar using John’s system with several appointments. Sold the first three. This is very impressive.

Tommy R.


John’s program is absolutely amazing. It is magic! It is unbelievable the way it impress my clients! I want to brag about this program since I would not have gotten a client for 1.2 million without it. This is the best I ever seen.

Call Ins:

Bart D. said, “John’s new program is better than any stock purchase I ever made, or any investment to make money.”

Tony W. moved 130k and will move 530k on his first case.

Richard Y. said, “Did my first sale on the first appointment, instead of using the 3 appointment close.”

Steve S. said, “Your system is the best and easiest to understand that I’ve seen in my career!”

Ron H. rolled over 300k and did a seminar that moved 700k on his very first seminar.

Gerald B. moved 12 million with another 3 million on the way using my system.

Mark K. moved $600,000 using the John’s solution on his very first case.

Allen T. did 5 million using the John’s program in the first 12 months.

John M. said, “John’s system is second to none and I have tried them all.”

Robert C. J.

I did $121,000 last week in an EIA because of you John. I made all my cost back for your system in my first sale. Thank you!

Gregg H.


I just wanted to write a note to tell you that I just picked up a case for about $450k that was directly attributed to using John’s software. I am looking to being able to upgrade ASAP.

Dennis O.

I purchased your software at the end of the year and I’m in the midst of making preparation for our first seminar. Thank you for your keen insight and recommendations you’ve included as part of the system. Such pearls of wisdom are usually hard to come across and seldom shared.

Kimble M.

Beg, borrow, steal, but get to one of John’s seminars this year. Cost $1,500. The week after the seminar, my first presentation using John’s program made me $6,200. Do the math.

P.S. – the seminar doesn’t end there you can contact John for a treat anytime.

Nosh D.

This months Super Producer’s Kit #31 was the best, in my opinion.

Sean S.

Dear John,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the best seminar EVER! You’re a GENIUS. I tried your system as I was getting into this arena. I have been using some of your ideas and have doubled my production every year. This new program is so much easier and friendlier than program. It will triple my production this year.

R. Lee D.

I used your SOLUTIONS program now on just every case I work on and it has been a tremendous asset to my senior financial planning practice.

Kevin B.


I just want to thank you! I bought your program because I had zero experience in insurance annuities. You spoke with me in January about marketing. Wow! I had only $300 to get started. You told me to do the solicitation. I hesitated, but ultimately did what you said. Thank God I did! On the following Tuesday, I got my first call. I meet with them on Wednesday and showed them a solution. They loved it! I closed the deal and made $14,000 commission. I now have my first seminar lined up. Thank you. I am officially committed to John and this business. Thanks so much!

Jeff G.

I closed last year with just over $8,000,000 in new assets. I am looking to double that this year.

Fred P.

Hi John,

The seminar was great and I can truly say that I learned things that I knew and yet didn’t, at least not to the detail you brought to the surface. I truly though the seminar was worth every tiring moment and certainly woke me up after all these years in the business. I have taken the first step to what I am sure will be very rewarding financial endeavor. I have attended seminars all over the country and have paid dearly, but this one was truly an eye opener and want to sincerely thank you. I have decided that there is NO need to look elsewhere John, I am staying with you and I know you will monitor my progress and it will be a positive one. Thank you!

Clyde D.

I attended the seminar this past week and loved every minute of it! I am implementing everything you told m to do.  I will be coming to Dallas, TX from Utah starting next week. I’m going for it John. Thanks again John!

Kevin B.

That seminar was awesome! I have never learned so much in a three day seminar. You went out of your way to come in early to go over more things and that was sign of true caring for our success. We studies for over 32 hours in just 3 days. You definitely won me over and have a loyal friend and associate for life.  Thanks for giving me the two most important components to success. The best program in the industry and all that is left for me is to put the effort. Thanks so much!

Justin D.

Dear John,

That was the best and most productive three days I’ve ever had. Thank you. Three days was not enough time to discuss all the things that you brought to the table. However the three intense days I spent in Boston with you was well worth it. My business will improve because I attended. Thank you.

John C.

Mr. Bagwell,

It was great to finally meet you. The training this past week was by far the best of its kind. I have attended quite a few training seminars and yours has helped me tremendously get the most from your program. You’re focused and no nonsense approach eliminated the “fluff” found in so many so called “training seminars” that have flooded the market. I should have gone to on of your seminars immediately after purchasing the system. Matter of fact, I’m looking forward to the next one.

Dave S.

First off, thanks again for a great seminar. You were absolutely correct. It was unlike anything I have ever attended!

Walt D.

Hello John,

Just wanted to let you know the seminar was awesome! I cannot sleep due to the fact of being so fired up about your program, that every time I lay my head down I cannot get it off my mind. But I’ll take that as a positive. I’m brand new to the business and have a lot to learn, but after what you taught me, I will achieve my goals. Being that this is all new to me it will take a while to learn, but I promises to show you results. John, keep up the good work and I look forward to many great years ahead. Thanks for the chance of a lifetime.

Bruce H.

I have been searching for a year for a “model” of selling annuities. Most of what I saw was the same rehashed approaches to product pitching. Something inside of me inwardly resisted this because I just did not want to be the usual “salesman” peddling his wares. Additionally, I did not get the sense that the client’s best interest was either known or considered with these other approaches. John Bagwell’s  program offer a compelling, logical, global solution to numerous client scenarios. Only after his seminar was I really able to put the various pieces of the puzzle together to truly understand how powerful; his software really is in terms of client benefit. This is something I can feel really enthusiastic about because I know in my “gut” positive this is for people who set up their retirement this way. John has a unique style driven by his passion to see agents from losing mentality and methodology. I guess I heard some painful things about myself to hear and for this I was ready to here and for this was grateful. This is one of the most valuable seminars I have ever attended. Thank you again for a tremendous educational experience.

James M.C.


You were tremendous! I wish I wear as bright as you. But the good Lord gave me the brain I did, and I’ll simply have to work as hard as I can with this help and hopefully yours as well. In all seriousness, I am praying that I can count on you. I have a lot of reading to do and much studying. You have made a tremendous difference in my attitude and my life. I have adopted the attitude that I had 17 ½ years ago when I started in property & casualty sales. This is a whole new direction for me, but I was directed to you and I know that you program is what I am supposed to us to help my clients achieve financial security and peace of mind. I was blown away at times with all the information. You are a tremendous blessing to a lot of people. The ‘hope’ that you give to thousands of people and their families is simply astounding in terms of giving them hope for a better financial future. I know most guys wouldn’t write a letter such as this, but I tried to speak from the heart. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you have done so far.

Justin T.

Awesome seminar! For someone who has sold medical supplements and long-term care, it was a great eye opener. Some, things were a little over my head, but I’m reading and studying everyday. Eventually, I’ll be a super producer.

Rob S.

I had a seminar which had 25 buying units. Each qualified with $500,000+ of investable assets.

Brian M.

Hi John,

I would like to express my appreciation for the time we shared in Boston. It was exactly what I needed at this stage in my career. It’s called a “wake-up call”. I feel I now have proven solutions for the client’s that care about capital preservation and predictable growth. It was like a boot camp. You were a great drill instructor. I look forward to seeing you at a future seminar.

Jerry I.

Dear John,

This was my 3rd seminar with you in the last year, and each one was a wake-up call. Thanks again for showing me a clear path to success.

Jeff I.

If you are considering attending this seminar just to get away from your home or office for a few days, then I will recommend that you not waste your money. However, if you are committed to moving serious money, then this seminar is for you! The amount of excellent, pertinent, and valuable information that is imparted by John Bagwell at this seminar makes this seminar a steal of the century.

John, I could write a book on what I learned at the seminar in Boston last week and still not cover 1/4 of the material. That was nothing short of phenomenal! I really didn’t know what to expect coming in and it was probably the most intense training beside the Marine Corps boot camp that I have been to.

If you have to beg, borrow, or steal to attend this seminar, then you must do what you have to do to GET THERE!

Bill J.

I found the seminar to be very productive and I gained a lot of new knowledge which will be very useful in the field. I do wish the seminar was longer. Thanks for the great time.

Ken L. S.

The Boston workshop was great and full of excellent ideas. It was a true booth camp! I left there thinking with all the information and ideas a person with some effort could easily double their income! John worked his butt off to deliver an excellent content laden workshop. Good job. Thank you.

Dennis K.

John’s “straight-shooting” no B.S. style is unique in the world of marketing financial services today. With everyone claiming to have the greatest system, seminar, power-point presentation, etc. At the Boston meeting, I picked up several new marketing and sales ideas that I’m anxious to implement. I always enjoy learning from individuals who have done what they are teaching others to do. John is not only a creative thinker, but he’s obviously practiced in the sales arena what he’s preaching. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in taking their production to levels of a top producer to attend one of John’s training sessions. You can’t help but come away with lots of great ideas!

Bill B.


I could probably write a book on what I learned at the seminar in Boston last week and still not cover ¼ of the material. That was nothing short of phenomenal! I really didn’t know what to expect coming in and it was probably the most intense training besides the Marine Corps boot camp that I’ve been to. I returned home with a brand new insight in not only how to run my business but also how to change my life. You showed me that it is possible to be a super-producer. I will definitely be at all future trainings.

Robert Z.

Dear John,

We are only on this planet called “Earth” for a very brief time. We as individuals must make the best use of that allotted time, for as we all know, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” Once or twice during the journey opportunity knocks at our door, for me, you were the opportunity. After having spent three very thorough and richly intensive days in your Boston training class, I feel like I did in the “glory days.” I have rediscovered my professional life’s mission, have renewed vigor, and can’t wait to get up each morning! Life has once again become joyful. You challenged me to challenge myself and achieve my highest level of success. John, I hereby accept your challenge! My mission statement is as follows: “Don’t do it to the best of my ability, rather do it to the best it can be done.” I look forward to working with you on my quest and sending you my results.

Mike W.

Dear John

I was an attendee at your recent seminar in Boston. I have never been to a program that provided more information on how to market fixed annuity products to high net worth individuals. I would highly recommend your program to anyone with an open mind who is looking to learn. Your unique concepts and insights will significantly increase my income. Thank you.

Debra R.

Hi John,

This seminar was tremendous! Your sessions helped me better appreciate how effective your solutions will be in numerous situation, and how better select and present these are and your concern about our future as well as our present machine gun accuracy. The do’s and the dont’s of the annuity world are spelled out. Unusually intense and motivational is how I sum up this seminar. It’s a learning sprint from start to finish. No B.S. here.

Jack S.


I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day seminar. It was packed with information, sales ideas, and land mines to avoid, that could only be known by someone with many years of experience! Your knowledge of annuity sales I awesome to say the least! As one relatively new to this arena, I will be back to another one! Again, thanks for a great seminar!

Michael K.

Your training and your software is awesome! The software provides the correct and only solution that retirees should be using. I feel that I will be able to solve those problems that my client have with a logical and safe strategy for their retirement dollars. I am excited to represent this solution! Thank you for your time and efforts!

Call Ins:

Jim H. will probably do $300,000 this month using John’s program.

Bob G. was really impressed with the John’s software.

Frank C. did his first presentation for $450,000 from a former stock junkie.

Mark K. did over 1million in December using John’s system.

John C. moved $640,000 and it was his largest case ever.

Dennis W. had 16 buying units and close 8 on his very first seminar.

Larry S. is doing very well and did 1.5 million this week.

Bruce E. was very impressed with the system.

Richard Y. got $502,000 today using the system.

Nosh D. is moving 2.4 million.

Abu A. moved $30,000,000 using John’s program last year.

Kenneth K.

I did my first deal today using John’s system. I moved $250,000. In addition, I have a commitment of $300,000 on another case. I had the program for 1 week. This program is incredible!

Mehran R.

I have not seen a program which provides both a proven system and the proven out-in-the-field tested results. Your system gives the advisors so many ways to make a sale, from different seminar presentation to illustration software to different approach to using fixed and immediate annuities. Although, I am new to this industry, I’ve been focused on the EIA’s and had not really looked into fixed or immediate annuities until coming to Boston. I have a different outlook on those products and want to use them a lot more for my clients. I am very glad I cam to Boston and I’m sure I’ll be attending your future workshops to learn from experts.

Joseph L.


I thought the workshop was great. The information you provided was unbelievable for the cost! In my 7 years in the business you provided more insight into our business in a 3-day workshop than I have seen in any other seminar. This is a great system for anyone who is serious about succeeding in our business. Your n-hold bar approach to teaching was great! Everyone who attends your workshop will learn something.

David S.

If you are truly serious about selling annuities, you owe it to yourself and clients to get to John’s training & support. John has an outstanding and compelling track record. Don’t waste your time if you want to “check out” selling annuities, these guys are not babysitters! If you follow what John teaches you, it will radically change your financial future!

Carl O.


I wanted to finally thank you for a great seminar in Boston last month. I’m still trying to absorb all the information you shared during the three days. I was one of those who kept voting for an even earlier start time, so that I could get as much of the knowledge that you had to share as possible. You certainly cut to the chase. I know the days were long and tiring for you but I wanted you to know how impressed and appreciative I was with your desire to share so much of your vast knowledge. I know the long hours, especially day two was tiring for you. I have no doubt that what I learned will help me do a better job at truly helping many clients achieve better and more successful solutions to their retirement income challenges. It was also heart-warming to hear someone “really” speak so much about doing what is right for the client, not just talking about how to make a sale which is so common in most seminars by the FMO’s I have attended. Your support following the seminar has also been extremely helpful, which once again only proves your dedication and loyalty to the agents you train. Your program is so powerful in its logic. Thanks for all the obviously long hours you have put into the development and evolution of it. Thanks again.

Gregg H.

I have done almost 2 million in annuities since mid January of this year.

Bill K.

I have earned so much from Bagwell’s system that it would sound foolish to tell you. The first presentation netter a $340,000 annuity premium, and that was two years ago. The main benefit in buying the system is you will be able to speak with John on a regular basis, which is priceless. John is the one individual who truly understands how these products work from a scientific and mathematical approach. You need a laptop, just gather the info and go back and do the calculations. Print them out for the client. Another agent locally has thrived using the system and he bought it because he was visiting my office during a call with John. If you get the system, be sure to sign-up for the bells and whistles. This is the only system from any provider I have ever renewed since being in the business by the way.

Bill B.

Having purchased many other “so called” annuity programs in the past, I have found that ALL of them were a waste of money, especially because there was no real substance to their programs and there was no support mechanism in place. I have attended seminars that offered you the world and ended up being all fluff. John’s software will solve ALL of your planning issues. Having it for one year, I have seen my business double and that is just from using the software without going to his seminar, and that from being stubborn and not utilizing it to it’s full potential. After attending his seminar in Boston in February, I feel like a veil had been lifted from my eyes. Keep in mind the seminar is not for the weak at heart. John cuts right to the core of EVERY problem professionals have in this industry. I guarantee you will have a brain overload when is done. This is by far the most valuable 3 days that I have spent at any time in my 15 year career. John has more ideas in his pinky that most so-called guru’s. One suggestion: buy the software and devour the material before attending the seminar, you will get much more out of it.

Call Ins:

S.D. had two prospects come to a seminar before he got the software, and then got a second appointment, showed a solution and they moved $395,000. I made a believer out of him.

David E. did 4 seminars, and got 280 reservations for 100 appointments.

Joe R. says, “Your stuff is powerful! My client just loved it and I did my first seminar last night and made 20 appointments.”

Bernard G. says, “On my firs seminar, 66 people showed-up and I made 6 appointments.”

Tom S.

I’m sure you head this from several of your clients, but in just a few minutes that I spent in the program, the overwhelming possibilities for growth on my part in using this program are just phenomenal! Thanks for your efforts in making so much more helpful and insightful. I know it will definitely help me in attaining a 6 figure income this year.

Jeff G.

Your program changed my life. I moved$12million last year. Thank you John!


Bernie B.

Dear John,

Thank you for spending time with me on the phone yesterday. I appreciate your thoughts on how to best contact this market. I’m going to start executing the plan immediately. I came back with 90 pages of notes from Boston, which I refer back to weekly.

Stephen S.

This new software program is fantastic! I thought your last program was excellent! This is even better! You’re a genius! I hear you’re working on two new programs that are even better that this software. Wow! Whatever it is, I want it! Thank you! All the best.

Robert J.

I met with clients yesterday, showed them your solutions and it went great. I moved $450,000. Thank you.

Sam I.

Hello John,

It was a pleasure to meet you last week. First of all, I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the conference in St. Louis.  I believe that it helped point to me the right direction and now it is up to me to execute and implement. Thanks again and have a good day.

Bart N.

As someone relatively new to this business, the St. Louis seminar will prove to be invaluable to my career. My only regret is that I didn’t make the commitment to attend a seminar last year; I could have avoided most of the costly mistakes that I made over the last nine months.

Emery’s session has already helped me to organize the files on my computer and add different solution examples to the seminar presentation. John has made it clear on what it takes to be successful in this business – his no B.S. approach was refreshing. Just hearing how to go through the first and second interview was worth the cost of the seminar.

Paul W. C.

Since I’ve focused almost exclusively on long-term care insurance, so making the recent transition to annuities has meant a significant curve. Driving to the seminar, I told my partner that I was fully prepared to leave early and head back if the training was bogus. I was pleasantly surprised! At least three things stick out as significant to me: (1) It was clear that the focus of all we studies was on a single target: What was best for the client. I saw high integrity, straight forward approach that put the client first. How refreshing! (2) The marketing and nuts and bolts of getting in front of prospects and then walking them through to a point of decision, was gold.(3) The software is second to none. Hearing from seasoned professionals regarding how to use it effectively and integrating it into my practice as a central tool was paradigm changing and has had a profound effect on how I approach prospecting clients. The annuity System is the absolute best track I’ve ever seen for an annuity producer to run on. I only wish I would have had this excellent training from the start.

Michael D.

Being new to the arena of selling annuities, I was a bit apprehensive about going to the St. Louis Seminar. Actually, I got far more out of it than I ever expected. John Bagwell, besides being a “Master” of the subject, is positively inspiring. John gave us first class training and now have the tools to go out there and become a huge success. Thanks so much.

Kirk G.

John, Master Yoda, does it again. John is always on the cutting edge, new ideas ad sales concepts that will help me with clients now as well as in the future. I appreciate his no B.S., just the truth, do it no excuses. John’s program will help anyone with a strong desire to make it Big! You do the work, it will happen. Thanks.

Stephen B.

Great seminar, intense and well worth it. I appreciate the knowledge and systems that I can now put in place to further my career.

Ron H.

Just a few lines to express my appreciation for your tremendous help at the seminar. This was my second and by far the best. John’s program is incredible! The additional calculators and the analyzers are easy to use and “wow” my prospects. The solutions just get better and better. I have never failed to close using John’s solutions. Never! You guys are genius personified. Thanks again.


Hi John.

I just wanted to drop a note: the St. Louis Seminar was awesome. I am on a little information overload, but very excited to get started. I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking to get in the annuity arena.

Alisa K.

John, as usual, your seminar was great. The new software is wonderful and I learned so much. Thanks for giving me the told to succeed! I found to be extremely useful and will definitely help cut down on time on making proposals for clients now that I know how to integrate these tools. I learned a lot and I am glad I went the extra day for the computer training. It was very helpful. Thanks again.


Terri P.

I learned more about the annuity business within the first 2 hours of the seminar that from the $5,000 I have spent with an FMO for their entire marketing and training manuals. I have been licensed in the insurance arena for 7 years. I had been searching for an opportunity for several months that would allow me a flexible schedule with great upside potential. After months of searching and looking at virtually every type of business, I finally found it.

Matt R.

John’s program is powerful, logical and systematic. John’s creation places an often difficult to describe in the most logical easy to understand sales tool this 19 year veteran has encountered. I feel as though I were reborn!

Sandy H.

I wanted to let you know that the seminar in St. Louis was a life changing event for me. I have never learned so much in such a short time. I guess what I really enjoyed the most was the sincerity. You really want me to succeed and I know the commitment that I am now giving you, there is no way I can fail.

Paul S.

If Thomas Edison had been a financial advisor/analyst; he would have been John Bagwell. John, your program software is brilliant. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and inventions with the rest of us. I am showing the solution illustration on every appointment now and I should have my first closing in a few weeks. The amount of assets that I am now uncovering from the client are about 3 to 4 times as much as my previous case size. Before, when I would talk with clients they would want to talk about a specific asset, but a lot of times they would never want to reveal the size of their entire portfolio. After showing John’s solutions in just my first two appointments since having the program, once the prospective clients saw how it works, they immediately wanted to talk about their entire Qualified and Non-Qualified position. I am confident that just having this software is going to at least triple my average case size. Thanks again John.

Call Ins:

J. R. says, “My head is spinning. I did 2 million in my first seminar using your system.

Jeffrey I. has his seminar and 85% made appointments.

Jay W. had his first $500,000 annuity sale using your program.

Kirk G. got a $300,000 from the Perfect Solution Web Site.

Bruce E. said, “The first guy I showed the solution moved $100,000 and he’ll move another $100,000 shortly. The second guy I showed John’s solution to moved $200,000. This is great stuff.”

Richard Y. did $1,060,000 in the last two weeks using John’s program.


Richard C.


I’m so glad that I found your website a year and a half ago! Through acquiring knowledge about annuities and concepts of how your program works, I am now able to approach people with millions of dollars and give them alternative solution. An example of this is a client who will receive 1.4 million net from business deal and wants to secure for his “golden years.” He also has two other situations that will results in moving another 3.5 million! He also has recommended me to a friend who just inherited a sizeable estate. I can’t thank you enough fir putting me in the position to be able to handle situations like these with full confidence due to your programs, which are light years beyond any other. It’s like you are working directly through a “higher power” of some sort to keep coming up with new visions of mathematical design, which are cutting edge. I’ll say it again; you are the Nostradamus of financial planning design, period.

Mike R.

Hi John and Everyone else,

Finally back in the saddle. Last week, I did a solution designed 401k to IRA rollover for $130,000 premium. The client was extremely happy with the plan, as am I, The primary solution is a great program! Thank you for your help with kind wishes and prayers. You all are the best and most genuine people in the business, the real deal. I hope to see you at one of your “beyond excellent” seminars. I attended the Orlando & San Antonio seminars, they were off the charts.